Women, Do These 9 Things and You Will Never Get Your Heart Played

Women, Do These 9 Things and You Will Never Get Your Heart Played

You have to have an open heart to truly find love. I understand this. But I know it’s hard to open up to people. After all, you’ve spent your time alone, getting to know yourself and finding true happiness within your own heart. Finding love probably seems scary.

There are loads of things to think about: compatibility, kindness and attraction, these are a few. One of the most important things to think about when deciding you step out for love, is faithfulness. The main thing you don’t want is to be played.

There are 9 ways for a woman to never get her heart played.

1) Those with low-self-esteem should be avoided

Surprise, it’s true, a low self-esteem is not a good quality when looking for love. It says that if they cannot love themselves they cannot love you.

2) Your morals must match

It’s so important for morals between partners to coordinate. You should pay attention to his life without you before you include yourself. Does he get along with his previous partners, his kids or his family? This is a reflection on how he will treat you.

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3) Bad behavior should not be tolerated

If bad behavior was a major reason why you past relationships ended, then you need to pay attention to that and remember. You should never tolerated any of that same behavior from your new love interest. IF they repeat these negative actions are words, then leave.

4) Pay attention to actions

Actions really do mean more. Is the man you’re interested in caring, attentive and responsible, or does he just tell you he is. Pay attention and learn if his words have any merit.

5) A good man includes you in his life

Over time, after dating a while, a good man should introduce you to family and friends and invite you to his home and office. Healthy relationships are open and honest in that manner, and it’s what genuine people do when they like someone.

6) Avoid a man who isn’t INTO you

If you’re dating someone, you want them to be just as into you and you are with them. If they really like you, they will make a point to contact you or see you. They will be excited for every chance they get to spend time with you.

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7) Stand up for yourself

A good man will listen when you tell him something is wrong. If he gets defensive, then something isn’t exactly right. You should date someone who isn’t afraid to admit he’s wrong, and you should admit your mistakes as well.

8) The right one will wait on sex

You don’t have to be intimate right away. The right man will be content to wait on you.

9) The right relationship will be comfortable

If you are in the right relationship, you will be comfortable and happy. There will be little stress involved. Although there will be some stressful times, there will be more good ones.

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It is okay to love. All you need are strong boundaries and will power. You must know what you want and turn away from what is not good for you. Trust me, you will know when true love appears because it will answer every question as to why no one else worked before.


h/t: yourtango.com

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