9 Ways the Beautifully Broken Girl Loves Differently

9 Ways the Beautifully Broken Girl Loves Differently

A broken girl is a golden snowflake – the past has stained her whites a bit, but it also taught her how to shine. A girl who loves deeply is a rare gem, and there’s a pinch of sadness in her beauty. She believed in love more than anything, and perhaps love gave her scars in return. But she knows how to wear the scars with pride.

1. She knows the purity of happiness

When she wakes up, she already senses that the day has something in store for her. She knows how to be excited and stimulated and derive happiness from the seemingly insignificant moments of everyday life. She looks at the eyes of another person and senses the imperfect perfection that is the beauty of our flawed race.

2. Because she has seen suffering and sadness.

How does it feel to be on your own? She kept repeating this question over and over in her head. And she couldn’t recognise the person in the mirror. Today, she clings on to life, because she has known how it’s like to be dead. Or, worse yet, she has seen days when death seemed like an easy exit.

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3. She believes in her strength.

And she detests an easy escape because she has faith in her strength and ability to overcome tough phases. Even at the worst of times, her mantra is this too will pass. The past has been a bit too hard on her, and this awareness is a shield that she wears.

4. Because she had to gather the broken pieces of her heart, alone.

She knows the numbness, the internal stasis that breaks one apart from the inside and disrupts the actions of everyday life.

5. She knows what she’s worth, because someone treated her as if she was nothing.

She knows her qualities as well as limitations. And she won’t settle for mediocrity. Someone may have tried to degrade her, made her understand that she’s worthless, and got away with it. She’s not going to let that happen to her anymore.

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6. She has grown cautious, and yet she’s still a hopeless romantic.

She once gave her heart away too easily, too hastily. The past has taught her to guard her emotions, to be cautious. Because there are people out in the world who still can’t love that purely and selflessly. And yet, underneath her guarded heart, the warm blood flows – and yet she puts her faith in love.

7. She may require some time before giving you her heart.

She has grown to be selective with the business of the heart. She won’t give herself completely to you, but slowly unfold herself like a lotus flower.

8. She would not hesitate to tell you her story.

There’s a past that haunts the beautifully broken, but she doesn’t hesitate to turn back and look into the eyes of that past. She will begin to unfold by welcoming you into her past. In that brutally honest moment, she is not afraid, maybe a little vulnerable. You should be by her side to listen to her and hold her. Maybe then you can tell her the story of her future.

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9. She’s not afraid of loving you…

She’s just afraid you’d grow to resemble someone from her past.


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