9 Ways How Empaths Can Shield Themselves From Negative Energy

9 Ways How Empaths Can Shield Themselves From Negative Energy

Empaths can connect to a person. They understand people more deeply than normal people. They always put others before themselves. But many people take advantage of their kindness and compassion. Empaths need to be careful of such people who negativity in your life.

1. Remind yourself that it’s okay to say no if you do not feel like doing something.

Although it is in your nature to help others, try to resist it. Putting your needs first doesn’t mean being selfish. Sometimes putting yourself first brings positivity and energy in your life.

2. Be open about your feelings and emotions.

You should never hide your emotions and feelings from others. Just like you want to know other person’s problems by analysing their emotions, you should also be open so that others can know the truth about you.

3. Avoid resentful and toxic people.

It is not easy but necessary. You can easily lose yourself in their negative energy. Creating a trigger might help you in avoiding them.

4. Give yourself the alone time that you need for recharging, daily.

Your energy is precious and you want to use your energy to help people. But too much energy can exhaust you. So keep 20% of your mental energy as back up.

5. Stop pleasing everyone.

It is not necessary that everyone should like you. Some people don’t deserve you. So stay calm and live.

6. Stop taking things too seriously.

Not everyone is as serious as you and not everyone wants advice for their problems. So unless asks directly for your help, try to keep your altruism inside you.

7. Load your phone with positive music.

Positive music is the best way to drive out the negativity from inside you.

8. Exercise.

Find an activity that helps you release the negative energy from you.

9. Do not run away from negativity.

You cannot run away from negativity around you. Hence, rather than giving it attention, try to treat it as another part of your life. Don’t let it affect you in any way.

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