Alone Isn’t Lonely: 10 Signs You’re Perfectly Happy With Solitude

Alone Isn’t Lonely: 10 Signs You’re Perfectly Happy With Solitude

Social tradition expects us to get married and raise a family at some point of time. However, among millions who would participate in this tradition of ‘settling down’ in life, there are many who would do otherwise. There are people who choose to live their lives alone.

They want to have to their own space and independence. They are able to enjoy their lives all by themselves. They are not loners either. Living your life alone is not something you should be ashamed of. Neither is it something that is to be pitied.

If you are one of this kind, then you’d be able to identify with these 10 points listed below.

1) Free weekends are your favourite-

Your idea of a perfect weekend is to stay at home, eat some popcorn and watch Netflix all day. Partying with friends, getting drunk and socializing is not something you would like to do.

2) You prefer going to the movies alone-

You would rather go alone to the movies alone than pester someone to come along with you. You know what to prioritize and would act accordingly.

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3) You are not embarrassed to eat all by yourself-

Who wants to share food unless you are too full? Eating alone also saves you from the trouble of splitting bills and forced conversations. You don’t even have to cater to everyone’s preferences and choice of food and you can easily forget table etiquettes and mannerisms.

4) You can drink on your own too-

It is not always true that one drinks alone only when they are sad. Sitting alone with a bottle of beer in your hand and having the time to yourself, can bring you happiness too.

5) Travelling the world solo-

Travelling alone is the best way to explore yourself and make new friends. It’s the best way to come out of your comfort zones and try out new things.

6) Sharing beds is not something you like-

Your prefer having the entire blanket to yourself. Neither do you like to be a victim of someone’s kicks at night and bad breath in the morning.

7) Driving alone is fun for you-

Tuning to some music of your own choice and having a calm drive is your favourite leisure activity.

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8) Your phone is not your bae-

You don’t have the urge to feel important in your social life as provided by your phone. You would even forget to reply to messages and texts on time.

9) You can be socially MIA for long periods-

You don’t feel the need to keep yourself socially updated about everything you do. Even if you disappear for days and weeks, your family and friends know that you are safe and enjoying your time alone.

10) You don’t like people who are clingy-

You do not appreciate any parasitical attitude and you are scared of getting committed to someone you cannot easily break off with. Also, you don’t even like people who are too attached to you.

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