Beach Is The Right Place To Make New Friends

Beach Is The Right Place To Make New Friends

Sea, sun and heat. The three main pillars of summer in Greece. The triptych of vacation and the time when Greece is sinking with people.

You know, my friend, times have changed.

The time when summer had a big importance for people is long gone. When it used to mean chilling out with friend, walking at the beach at sunset, lighting bonfires and playing sand games. Now, everything is hidden behind selfies and check ins where you try to prove what a wonderful time you are having while sitting alone at a beach with your… cellphone. The times when we used to play all together and make friends with the people who were next to us and then be a large company have since long ended.

Now, my friend, the only thing you’re going to think about if somebody talks to you on the beach, is that they’re either dangerous or creepy or they’re trying to hit on you. We don’t care about anything more than find a nice corner at the beach bar and upload photos with hashtags… such as #fun #beach #summer and other in our effort to show off “how much fun” we’re having on facebook.

Some times we do it alone.

Some other times we are there with company with whom we don’t exchange a word. I know that as times go by, they things get more difficult and things can go from bad to worse as everyone has more and more problems. Think however that summer is a period of peace of mind and relaxation, a period when you want to escape the troubles of the winter (which is what you should aim at). We might not have enough money but there is certainly something that Greece is famous for: philoxenia.

So, stop being miserable and depressed and at last; start embracing the summer mood, start living it the way you deserve to.

Don’t be moody at the beach, smile a little bit and try to look a little bit more sociable. No, I didn’t say you should be importunate and annoying, you don’t have to say hello to everyone or hit on anyone.

You can start from simpler things like lending your lighter to the guy next to you who’s looking for it desperately; give your sunscreen to the nearby family, apologise to someone you splashed, ask them to play rackets with you, make a crude joke. Make a nice critic or even ask the opinion of the woman lying next to you about the book she’s reading. You can even buy shots for the company sitting next to you or buy a coffee to the girl on the next sunbed who’s looking and smiling at you.

So many ways to start something as long as you have the will to do so.

Where there’s a will there’s a way as people say. Make new acquaintances at the beach and live your summer outside social media. Chill out with the guy next to you and drink beer, discover mutual friends as it’s certain that everyone has some in Greece. Arrange a coffee in the evening or a drink at night.

Because vacation doesn’t mean just sleeping and chilling.

It also means to meet new people, make new friends, have fun and spend your days the way you cannot do in the winter. Laugh hard, get a suntan and drink ouzo. All those are not the same if you don’t have someone to share it with.

So let’s all turn back to 70s and 80s where the beach was a big company. Let’s enjoy summer the way we used to. Because every summer that passes, doesn’t come back. So let’s just make each and every one of them be worth it!

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