What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality

What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality

According to Russell Foster, an Oxford University scientist,The month in which you are born can affect life chances, but how long you live, how tall you are, how well you do at school, your body mass index as an adult, your morning-versus-evening preference and how likely you are to develop a range of diseases are all correlated to some extent with the time of year in which you emerge from the womb”.


You are independent, analytic, and great leader. Stubborn yet charismatic, you love to teach and learn new things. You try to hide your sensitive side but you are very loving.


Those who are born in February are very psychic. They love reality, the abstract and they will revolt if someone restricts them. They make great partners because of their loyalty and honesty and they are quiet, shy and humble.


If you’re born in March, you are bound to have a beautiful personality. You enjoy madness and love peace and you may have revengeful thoughts when ill-treated but will forgive eventually. You observe things patiently.


You are a born leader who has a natural charisma. You are funny, bossy, intelligent and outgoing. Your impulsive and ambitious nature will guide you towards success.


You strive to express yourself, savor solitude and you are very strong and stubborn. You are always motivated and restless to achieve your dreams. An ardent lover of literature and arts, you wish to live life to the fullest.


A very romantic person but cling to the past. Your complex nature makes you incomprehensible to others; temperamental, funny and extremely choosy. You are beautiful inside out and value honesty. You’d rather have one true friend than 10 false ones.


You are a sincere, candid, and sympathetic person. You care for your family and will leave no stone unturned to protect them. You can be a sarcastic loner, which often confuses your dear ones. Nostalgia is your nemesis and you find it difficult to communicate your innermost feelings. You are smart and can be hurt easily.


You are destined to be famous. You are a balanced person and wish to see the light in others. Your indomitable spirit and skills make you admirable. You are a leader who loves to try new things and be the centre of attention. You desire to be loved and understood.


You flawlessly fit in roles due to your flexibility and you are intelligent and spiritual, but take tribulations to the heart. You bottle up feelings, feel depressed and you are extremely organized and cautious. You are choosy but loyal when it comes to relationships and you love exploring.


Once you overcome your fears, you can achieve anything you want because luck is by your side. You are emotional, opinionated and smart. You love making friends, have a short temper and do not pay heed to what others have to say.


You are born to be a teacher and you mind is bursting with new ideas and you are very restless and you are inquisitive, brave and kind. You are amiable and yet love to be left alone, you are a true romantic and motivate others always. You are essentially an “all or nothing” kind of person.


You are a pragmatic philosopher who loves taking risks. You love attention and socializing. You are ambitious, proud and cannot be restricted. People tend to trust you and you don’t disappoint them. You are impulsive and hasty at times.

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