The Most Brutally Honest Description Of Your Zodiac Sign, Try Not To Get Offended

The Most Brutally Honest Description Of Your Zodiac Sign, Try Not To Get Offended

Most of the time zodiac experts predict the good things about your future. They show your strength and sugarcoat your flaws. However the stars and planets hold the real truth about your personality. So brace yourself because the truth might not be pleasant.

Here is the offensive yet honest analysis of your zodiac sign:

1. Gemini

You are not only super confused yourself but you also confuse others. Make a decision already!

2. Taurus

You are so stubborn that people despise talking to you. They know it’s pointless to discuss things with you as you will try to prove you are correct in every way possible, even if you are not!

3. Virgo

You obsess over detailing and are extremely hard on others. You need to understand that being a perfectionist is okay but not to the point that it infuriates others.

4. Aquarius

You have no concept of limit. Tone it down, will you? It’s really annoying.

5. Aries

Can’t you be organized like, once in your life? You are so disoriented and all over the place that it makes life hard for others. Sort things out already!

6. Leo

You hold yourself high above others when you really should be below them. God knows what makes you think you are special. You have a terrible personality, and you impress no one.

7. Capricorn

The world doesn’t revolve around you, you giant cry-baby! Get a grip on your violent mood swings!

8. Sagittarius

Being self-confident is fine, but what you have is basically cringey! Hate to burst your bubble but you are not always right. Get over yourself.

9. Cancer

Stop whining already. You are not confident in your own skin, but the world is not against you. Stop fretting over non-existent issues.

10. Pisces

Work on that personality, will you? Crying and moping about will get you nowhere. Don’t be so flimsy either.

11. Scorpio

Keep that inflated ego under control please. Not everything is about you. Enough with that God-complex!

12. Libra

Stop leaning on others for your emotional satisfaction. It’s really creepy and disturbing. Learn to live with your own self. Don’t be a baggage for others.

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