Choose One Moon And Read Your Personal Message

Choose One Moon And Read Your Personal Message

We can always depend on the Moon to be there for us. Every night, she watches over us, through the happy times and the sad. She’s different every night but her beauty never diminishes no matter if she is at her peak or at her weakest. The Moon’s personality is as varied as yours and mine.

There is much magic and mystery hidden in the Moon but above all that, she can also teach you much about yourself. Pick the Moon that calls to you and read to find out what she represents.

The First Moon

You are so intuitive that it is almost a superpower for you. Every time you are at a crossroad, you weigh your choices carefully. This guarantees that you will succeed financially. The hard work you put in and the cautious manner in which you decide will earn you monetary rewards in the near future.

The coming cycle is perfect for making new investments or deciding on new goals. The tasks you take up during this time will be successful and only make your future bigger and brighter. The increase in financial status will make you happy, and in turn will boost those around you.

Mentally, this is just the right moment to love. You will be able to sense the love that envelopes you. New relationships will be established as your positivity will attract more people to you.

The Second Moon

Don’t take any risks with your finances or your relationships. In order to be more confidence and secure with your partner or to better your financial status, don’t let others make your choices for you.

This is the period in which you should take up the reins of your life and establish that you are in control. If you continue as you are, without being serious, you will face a painful betrayal or end up being robbed of opportunities and the money you already possess.

But it’s not all bad. There is a beautiful love in your future. You just need to be ready to accept it when it comes.

The Third Moon

There will be a significant rise in your finances in the coming cycle. All your dedication and work will pay off and you will move forward in your career.

You don’t have to worry about issues when it comes to romance. The future holds a playful, exciting, passionate, friends with benefits type of relationship for you. Use this opportunity to discover and explore your own desires.

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