According To Psychologists, Couples Who Fight Love Each Other More

According To Psychologists, Couples Who Fight Love Each Other More

Couples who fight a lot should not be together according to some people, because their perspectives do not match. Often they are tagged as ‘behaving likeold married couple’ who are into daily fights. But People can fight only when they know each other that well.

Researches in US Shows Fights Maintains the Bond.

The reason lies in the fact that their argument helps to resolve issues before it is too late.

According to 44% Married Couple Fights Twice a Week Clear Up Their Mental Gap.

The reason behind this says that fight clarifies their requirements to each other.

Instead of Leaving their Partner they Fight Which is a Positive Sign.

Even through the fight they are uniform in their standpoint of keeping the relationship alive.

Fighting Shows That They Care.

Yes, it shows they have not yet stopped noticing and they still care about the problems that lie in the relation.

Zero Fights= Zero Balance.

When there is absolutely no fight or no negation of each other than something is wrong. It proves that one of the partners is oppressive so there is hardly any chance for the other to raise argument.

Arguments Make Sure Mind is Clear.

When a couple fights, it means they are speaking their heart out; there is nothing hidden; which a sign of an absolutely clear mind is with no anger suppressed.

Fighting can be Both Positive and Negative.

Positive or good fights make your vision broader and there is no grudge left for the partner. But Negative fights never have a clear ending. One of the partner stops to make sure there is peace but the grudge remains.

Does Not End in Positive Note Always.

Fights are good for relationships but negative fights can lead to serious conclusions like breakups.


Yes this but is about the efforts you can make to prevent negative conclusions, because sometimes fights can change things upside down in a positive note too.

Follow the Rules.

The Golden rule of a fight is never drag past in the present fight, it is of no good.

Golden Rule 2=Respect.

Another very important rule to keep in mind because it can change your fight into a negative one if mishandled.

Accept Your Faults.

Not when it is not your mistake, but when you know you did something wrong.

It Should Be Between You Two.

Because, you are the couple and there is nobody else who can do any help in the fight. Comparison is an enemy of good relation.

Maintain Boundaries.

There are certain limits which one must follow, just to make sure the other person is not damaged beyond repair.

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