Cube Test Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality

Cube Test Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality

I often browse various fun quizzes on the internet and sometimes they are interesting personality tests. This one is a Japanese psychology test – cube test – which will make you reflect upon yourself. You will be amazed to find out how reliable and error-free it is!

Here are a few situations that you need to picture and give honest answers to. At the end of it, analyze your answers and compare them to the results declared in order to reveal the truth about your personality. Ready, steady, go!

Imagine yourself in a desert, which is vast. Now imagine a cube somewhere in the desert.

Let’s focus on the details of the cube. How big is it? Where is it located? Do you see it to be floating in the air or it firmly planted on the ground? What material is the cube made of?

Next, you notice a ladder somewhere in the desert…

What is it made of? How long is the ladder? What is its location with respect to the cube?

After this, picture a horse in the desert…

So, let’s focus on the horse. What does it look like? Is it moving or standing still? If it is moving, in which direction is the motion?

Moving on, imagine some flowers blooming in the desert…

Now ponder about the flowers. How many of them do you see? How are they placed with respect to the cube in the desert?

Ok, this one is a bit daunting. A thunderstorm is coming!

How do you feel about it? Does it scare you? And how far is the storm from the cube, the ladder, and the flowers?

I hope you made a note of all of that because it’s time for the results! Here it goes…

The cube represents your ego.

The larger the size of it, the bigger is your ego. The transparency of the cube’s material dictates how open you are to people. The closer it is to the ground, more is your humility and vice-versa.

The ladder represents your friends and your connections with them. The distance between the ladder and the cube signifies the distance between you and your friends.

The resilience of the material represents how strong your friendship is with them.
If the ladder is leaning on the cube, it signifies that you are trustworthy and your friends can depend on you.

The horse represents your attitude in a relationship
. If you pictured a reined and saddled horse, it means you are assertive and like more control in a relationship. On the contrary, a wild horse means you are of a flexible nature.

Coming to the flowers, these symbolize your children…

The number of flowers represents the number of children you wish to have or already have. The closer you picture these flowers to the cube, the less distant and more loving is your relationship with them.

Finally, the thunderstorm represents the stress in your life…

The proximity of the storm denotes the level of stress in your life. If it’s far, then you are relaxed. However, if the storm is near, it means you are overwhelmed with troubles right now.

That’s all folks! Do share your feedback and let us know how accurate the test turned out for you.

How was the test for you? Did it reveal any insights you may be overlooking in your life?

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