Date Someone Who Challenges You (Even If They Drive You Nuts Sometimes)

Date Someone Who Challenges You (Even If They Drive You Nuts Sometimes)

Most of us have this misconception that compatibility in a relationship means if they are being able to have fun or enjoy the company of our partners which basically implies having similar kinds of values or interests. But little do we realize that challenges are also equally necessary and indispensable parts of a good relationship.

A relationship that is based solely on similarities and likeness is bound to stagnate in the long run and hinder personal growth. This is why our parters should be different from us in certain key aspects so that they can challenge us and in turn help us in evolving as persons.

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If you want to grow do not date someone who is exactly like you.

It might seem fascinating to have a partner who is exactly like you: someone who shares your views on major issues, has similar aspirations in life and validates all your ideas. Apparently such a relationship seems to be stable and reassuring. But the truth behind it is that in such a relationship there is no prospect of growth. It will have nothing much to offer you as your partner in most cases will tell you about things of which you already know or blindly follow your path.

You will be able to look at life from a different point of view.

Rather if you were with someone who disagreed with you, differed from you in personality and background then you could learn a lot from such a relationship. You would be challenged at every step as you would be forced to adopt a different perspective towards life and reach new levels of understanding. Moreover such a relationship would expose you to new experiences that would enrich you.

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It does not matter if you cannot seem to stand that person or if their opinions outrage you. What is important is that you will mature as a person if you try stepping into their shoes and get a very different experience of the world.

This person would make you complete. They would strengthen your weaknesses and help you tighten your grip over life.

By dating someone who is very different from you you will be able to complement your partner and vice versa. You will be able to form a complete bonding by offsetting each others strengths and weaknesses. Coming from different backgrounds, you will have a lot to offer each other in terms of experiences, tastes and values. Your relationship will be based on unmatched reciprocity.

You will be better together, even though you two might not agree with each other at all times. You might have fights, but everything will turn out to be fine! Make sure both of you know when to say ‘sorry’.

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Gradually you will learn to respect each other despite those differences. Soon you will consider yourself fortunate to have a partner who spurs you to evolve. Even though certain aspects of your partner’s personality might terribly upset you. You would nonetheless continually enrich each others’ lives and eventually grow to become unstoppable! The best couples in the world are not ones who are alike! The best ones are those who challenge, offset and finally enhance each other. That’s why you should date someone who challenges you (even if they drive you nuts sometimes)!

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