If She Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You, She’s Not The One

If She Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You, She’s Not The One

Conforming to oppressive social standards is rarely the right way to define the so-called “good” girlfriend. Your girlfriend is also (ideally) another fully rounded human being and hence may not measure up to your preconceived notions of a “good” girlfriend either. However, you know you have someone truly precious if they are someone you are scared of.

Now before you picture an intimidating (possibly) take-no-prisoners badass (nasty?), please understand that’s not what we mean. Fear, in this context, is the fear of disappointing her. Or rather to put it most clearly she’s the sort of person who would make you want to step out of your own shoes for once and become a better person living up to his fullest potential; which is what would make you happy and in turn her as well. She’s someone who inspires you.

Your Hug Is My Best Pillow

This is a woman to whom you would not hesitate to give your world and your passion because you know she would not hesitate to give you hers. She can see the potential in you unlike anyone else. To her you are no more lover but her best friend. That’s the one who’s a keeper guys.

Coach Carter style: No-nonsense!

Like Samuel L. Jackson in the movie she will not hesitate to push you. She is not someone who will hesitate to be honest with you. Her honesty is the crux of the relationship. It’s not just the relationship which gets redefined but you yourself. A fearless person like her can push you into recognizing your own potential and make you step over the edge into taking the leap.

Your worst fear is fear itself!

Just like FDR did with America, she will be someone who will make you face your fears, all the while you will know that she will be there for you throughout that process, every step of the way. Her loyalty is not bought, it is earned, but its effect on you will be nothing but a world of good.

Respect doesn’t come served on a platter!

This is a woman who will respect you for who you are; however make no mistake you will have to earn her respect. That will force you to push yourself to be the best version of you. Likewise you will find in her a woman you genuinely respect yourself.

If He Wants to Marry you, THIS is What He Considers!

Setting the Bar High!

She will be someone who will make you create a standard for yourself and have you measure up to it. That’s how being with her drags out your true potential.

No Pettiness!

Pettiness and distractions are not her style. She will make your relationship fulfilling but her method of doing so is to force you to make your own life fulfilling. This is not your average gal.

She Will Be a Part of You!

She will truly make your life a shared experience. Where both of you will push and inspire each other. It is then that you know that both of you are irreplaceable aspects of each other. That in a sense is when you’ve found the one.

Lets Flirt a Little More Before We Give Our First Kiss!

She will truly be the light of your life. And that’s the important thing. Far too many people forget the word light in that phrase. Being together will truly light up your world and hers too.

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