A Dog Steals Owner’s GoPro And The Result Will Make You Laugh

A Dog Steals Owner’s GoPro And The Result Will Make You Laugh

Lights, camera, action – here comes Bonnie – the dog who directed and starred in her own movie. The rescue Pitbull from Fort Smith, Arkansas has become an internet sensation with her video getting liked and shared all over the globe. Well, it’s not surprising. She would be the first dog who handles a Go-pro like a pro. She has ended up recording a perfect Instagram Live Video for herself.

But the circumstances that brought about this wonderful footage are hilarious.

Bonnie’s owner was playing in the backyard. The Go-pro was attached to a ping pong paddle and he was probably using it to play with his dogs. But why should the owner be the one who calls the shots? That’s not fair. So, enters Bonnie – the great equalizer. She decides to go up to her owner and when he was distracted, she just snatched the paddle with the attached Go-pro and started running.

The tables have turned. Now the owner has to fetch the dog or rather the paddle.

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The footage will make you laugh out loud. The camera is facing directly at Bonnie and you get a close up of her eyes. There is a bright twinkle of joy dancing in those black beads. But Bonnie knows that she’s being pursued. So, he dashes all around the ground with the owner and his other poodles trying to get to her.

Bonnie likes to play tricks on her furry friends and her owner. Often, she would pause to see whether she has actually escaped the grasp of her pursuers. Sometimes, she would slow down to let her pursuer catch up with her. But once they get too close, off she shoots. She knows how she can fool them and she’s quite excited about it.

The music in the footage is amazing too. It’s an adrenaline-pumping rock song. It almost seems like the music is getting channelled through the dog and pumping up her energy. Bonnie doesn’t look the least bit tired. You can see that her owner is falling behind – they are exhausted. But Bonnie – nope – her energy is flying high and she doesn’t really need to hold it back.

She’s enjoying this too much!


And along with Bonnie, we are enjoying the video too. Bonnie’s escapade has really made a mark in our soul. We watch it and re-watch it, share it on our timeline and make sure our friends watch it too. Happiness multiplies when it’s shared. When you actually hear the history of Bonnie, the experience just gets better.

She was found starving and almost dying when a group of animal helpers picked her up. They cared for her and now, Bonnie doesn’t even remember her past. She is home now – and here – she’s living the time of her life. Can’t you see all the new hope in her eyes?

Animals can change our world into a pool of happiness. But many suffer, struggle to live and are often abandoned. It’s a cruel world for them, and they need us to give them some hope. Bonnie’s happiness is proof – give an abandoned animal a second chance at life, and they will make it worth it.

And as for Bonnie – well, legend says that she is still running…

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