The Eye You Choose Reveals a Secret Detail about Your Subconscious Mind

The Eye You Choose Reveals a Secret Detail about Your Subconscious Mind

We are all acquainted with the adage “Eyes are windows to the soul. While it might essentially be true figuratively, it is also true literally. The eye you choose reveals a great deal about your subconscious mind, psyche and individuality.

eye you choose

1. Lust for the spiritual

You harbor a certain hunger for spiritual nourishment and take up new escapades and ideas. What you need do the most is let go of the past while you focus on the present to enjoy a better future.

2. Share wisdom

This eye represents how you’ve been here in the scenario and you’ve a storehouse of knowledge to spread it with everyone you come across.

3. The one who heals

You’ve an aura around it that heals people. You have the supreme ability to help the ones in need.

4. The Philosopher

You’ve the ability to get to the last strand of a matter and you are the one who ideates always as you’re never out of new ideas. It is alright to feel lost but have faith in your instincts as you make your way through.

5. The Prankster

You’re full of mischief and like to conceal a lot of information from people around. This definitely adds to your charm but you carry these actions most often, unintentionally.

6. The old Soul

You’re the one who has prodded this path more times than any of us. You’ve a different approach stemming from your experience than others. But this results in lack of confidence on your part – so work diligently until you find your way.

7. The Owl

Darkness appeals to you as greatly as it does to a night owl. You only like to reveal what others want to know. You don’t like concealing a lot about your movements ever.

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