10 Explosive Facts About Farts!

10 Explosive Facts About Farts!

Cutting the cheese, passing gas – these funny words make you giggle yet hide your face in shame. Some people leave the room to do it, while others let it all hang out, announcing their flatulence like it’s the new Ms. Universe! We all do, let’s face it, so we might as well enjoy a few facts about farts.

There are more than a few interesting facts about farts! These tidbits are funny, outrageous and simply TRUE! Enjoy!

Fact #1

Farts are composed of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur and sometimes methane. As the digestive process begins, trillions of bacteria create a byproduct called flatulence.

Fact #2

Men may enjoy “passing gas” and find it hilarious. Women make fun of them but should stop that immediately. As far as the smelliest farts go, women take the prize. Women produce a higher hydrogen sulfide content which makes their gases raunchier. Sorry girls.

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Fact #3

Fart odor can be suppressed by natural substances such as ginger, yogurt, cardamom and pumpkin. Try these to tame those terrible toots.

Fact #4

Okay, I’m sorry but this is disgusting, but unfortunately, it’s true. It is healthy to sniff farts because hydrogen sulfide, the smelly stuff, reverses damage, curing cancer, dementia and other ailments.


Speaking of sniffing farts, in China, it’s a job. You can make $50,000 a year for smelling gas and diagnosing digestive illnesses.

Fact #6

Most people fart up to 14 times a day. You might not know it because it depends on the condition of the anus. If the anus is tight, the fart is louder, if loose, you will not hear it. None-the-less, 14 times.

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Fact #7

Hitler had noxious farts. The reason we know this because he had hepatitis and intestinal cramps. He took 18 medications in order to regulate his system. I still doubt that anyone complained.

Fact #8

There is special underwear, lined with charcoal and disguises fart odors.

Fact #9

Human farts enough in one day to fill a party balloon. Bet you will never look at a balloon the same ever again.

Fact #10

It’s absolutely impossible to far under the sea. Because of pressure, gas will not be able to form bubbles. Instead, it will fester inside the colon.

Interesting huh? Instead of being so concerned about farting and whether or not someone will think differently of you, just appreciate you only fart a few times a day and the smell only comes from 1% of a fart’s substance. It’s not so bad really, it’s better out than in.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. At least you feel better if you do what nature intended. After all, it’s healthy for you!

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