Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Love Anyone Else

Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Love Anyone Else

Can we really choose who we fall in love with? Is not love an autonomous feeling that stirs various emotions in a person? Resulting in a romantic entanglement, irrespective of the pros and cons? But how can that be any different from infatuation? Love, as an emotion, should be a process of gradual development. We have to detach ourselves from any feelings of “head over heels” and quantify every relationship. That’s how we get to know if we are worthy of our partner and they are worthy of us. But how should we do that? What are the required parameters?

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Firstly, make sure your partner chooses you as confidently as you choose them. If falling in love is involuntary, then commitment is still something that should be decisive enough to be sustaining. Commit to a person who is bold and courageous enough to remain headstrong and confident in your rough patches through life. Life has its ups and downs and you might become weak at times to fight your own battles alone. Your partner should be the one who is ready to fight it with you, motivate you and be your light even in the darkest of times. No one is perfect and your partner should know that. Fall in love with them if they accept your grey sides as they accept your bright side.

There will be days when things go downhill with you. Your partner should pick you up not abandon you at the time of crisis. They see your inner conflicts and stand by your side nevertheless, offering to help you overcome them. Fall in love with someone who always wants you to be your best even when you have lost hope in yourself. They should kindle hope in you to strive to fight your demons so that you are motivated to be by your side when needed. Fall in love with the person who makes you feel that you are easy to be loved. You lover should appreciate your soft side and not just your tough side. They should not consider you to be weak for being emotionally vulnerable.

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Rather, they should be beside you and help you lift your spirits. Fall in love with someone who inspires you to improve yourself without belittling you. They impact your mind, thoughts as they impact your heart. Someone who lights the fire in you to go wild of your thoughts and feelings. Fall for someone who accepts you as you keep evolving. Because they know that human character is not constant but ever changing. They should not stop loving you at who you are but have a foresight of seeing the potential of who you could be. One should never compromise on choosing their partner and settle for anything less than what they deserve. One should not rush into things. Instead embark on a journey of self-discovery. When the right time arrives, you shall be ready to fall in love with someone who would appreciate you for all the things you are.

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