A Farmer Set His Camera To Record And Captured This — 12 Million People Absolutely Adore Him

A Farmer Set His Camera To Record And Captured This — 12 Million People Absolutely Adore Him

Recently, Jay Lavery, a.k.a. the Dancing Farmer found viral fame on social media thanks to a goofy video he posted on Facebook for his friends. The post was viewed 12 million times.

Now, you must be wondering what is so special about a dance video by an old farmer. Well, we will tell you why.

Lavery has lived a full life, working as a comedian, a translator, and even a flight attendant. Till recently, he had no idea about farming. Then he started his farm in upstate New York, and – to quote him – dancing in the barn to keep warm.

He mostly thought it would be a goofy thing, with the background song being Sia’s iconic Cheap Thrills. But it was mostly the write-up underneath that made the video what it was; a kind of explanation for the thing.

We all have our reasons for doing the things we do.

Jay Lavery, a.k.a. the Dancing Farmer - 1

About 15 years ago, he went through an extremely traumatic back injury which rendered his state pitiful after many procedures, including a discectomy, a spinal fusion, etc.

Now you or I would just go for painkillers for life, which would obviously be far from ideal; an addiction to kill a never-ending enemy.

But not Jay. Not this spry old man.

He chose to not be dependent on medication all his life. Instead, he chose yoga and dance, two things that keep the entire body working better and the mind free and happy.

After all, wouldn’t be a jolly thing if everyone danced more? However, they can or want to. No rules no nothing.

Jay’s message was clear in his write-up, however:

“So I hope this can inspire anyone to move in spite of pain and I hope this puts a smile on your face for New Year.”

Jay Lavery, a.k.a. the Dancing Farmer - 2

If this doesn’t fit the ‘wholesome’ bill, we really do not know what will. Just put him in a red suit and give him a bag of gifts; he literally fits the bill of Father Christmas from Narnia.

What is more, he did not JUST want to inspire people in that manner. In an interview to Huffington Post, he stated:

[Besides his intention to inspire the people who watched his video, it was also his intention] “to help bring about an American food system that is more sustainable once they learn more about the man behind the moves.”

The entire shindig got him to the most iconic of stages on TV, The Ellen Degeneres Show, which was watched by millions more.

So, take a lesson from the video; live life on your own terms, independent of habits that just kill you faster. Live happily and live for others. And always keep the future generations in mind; always remember that the healthier the world you leave, the better for the kids of tomorrow.

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