How February’s Black Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

How February’s Black Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

‘Black Moon’ refers to a phenomenon when in a month a full moon doesn’t occur in the sky. It’s a rare event that happens every 20 years and we’ll see it this February.

The energies being different and it impacts all the zodiac signs.

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

You are overworking and feel imbalanced. Have patience and pamper yourself. You might meet your soulmate, so keep a lookout for them.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Taurus will be filled with affectionate and warm feelings for all their loved ones. For committed people, it’s a good time to get those wedding plans started. For singles, be very careful before falling for someone.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

You’ve always had a particular expectation of what your love life should be like. Don’t settle for anything less by getting confused. If you are in a relationship, think if your partner is the right one.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Being the most sensitive and romantic of the lot, this Black Moon will open your eyes to the darker side of love. It will break your fairytale ideals and give you a realistic picture which will only motivate you to find the one.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

This period is great to start loving yourself and building up the lost confidence. Your romantic outlook will also intensify.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

The shift in energies will teach you to appreciate the little things in life that hold as much importance as the major events. You need to start loving life and be grateful.

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

This period will teach you several important life lessons that will benefit your love life immensely.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21)

Ever passionate and intense, this period will throw a lot of mixed feelings at you which will leave you frustrated most of the time. However, be patient for things to clear up and you’ll gain a new perspective about your love life.

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Voice out your dreams and aspirations and this period will help you achieve them. Also, if you love someone, the energies might help to bring you two together.

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19)

Keep your heart and mind open to any spiritual guidance that the Universe may offer in this period. Pray to higher beings you believe in and your dreams will come true.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

This phase will tarnish your optimistic view of life but don’t let it ruin your positivity. Stay determined and things will get better.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 20)

You might have decided on your dreams and possible life partner but this phase might distract you from that path. Be honest with yourself and do what your heart says. Things will work out.

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