12 Female Manners Which Drive All Men Crazy

12 Female Manners Which Drive All Men Crazy

Women drive men crazy: by their looks, their demeanour, the way they walk, the way they talk, with their smiles and with their tears. And despite the reputation of male-kind, men observe every little detail about their women. This is because they enjoy every little eccentricity about them. It’s endearing really.

So let’s look at some of the ways in which women drive men crazy, in a good way.

1. Post-sex affection

Post-sex affection

The way you cuddle up to his chest after a hot and heavy session of the old dance with no pants, drives him mad with love for you. You will find him kissing you everywhere on your body and looking at you groggily.

2. Post-kiss face

Post-kiss face

He dies every time you look at him groggily and smile with the corners of your mouth crumpled up after you two swap saliva.

3. Sideward glances

Sideward glances

Every time his woman looks at him without turning her face fully at him, his heart skips a beat. Sideward and stolen are what glances should be like, always.

4. Reciprocating his movements

Reciprocating his movements

Mirror his movements and he is yours. This is a popular interview hack as well. Touch his hair when he touches yours. Kiss him back when he kisses you.

5. Show integrity

Show integrity

Tell him honestly what you think about a situation; do not hold back. Guys don’t hold back, so why should you? And the effect of having one’s woman agree with what one thinks, is amazing, so tell him what you think in clear and simple terms. Guys are mostly stupid; don’t be cryptic with them.

6. Find him funny

Find him funny

Try. It’s hard, yes. Guys are normally blocks of stones that crack lame jokes. But try to see his sense of humour and laugh at his jokes. This sort of gratification is wonderfully validating to guys.

7. Hair


Men love the reassurance that comes when their women play with their hair. Or even stroke it while talking to someone else. It is very validating and appals to their deepest instincts. It makes them feel safe. Sounds strange, but men need a lot of gratification to feel safe and commitment-y.

8. Telling him you miss him

Telling him you miss him

To be honest no one can miss anyone in 2018; you have five-six different social media platforms to communicate via besides the phone in your pocket. Despite that, if you tell him you miss him he is yours.

9. Be intimate

Be intimate

Hug him in public to see what we mean.

10. Advise him

Advise him

At critical junctures, be his guide and help him out with advice and mental support.

11. Respect his private life

Respect his private life

Do not be overpowering. Let him be when he needs it and see how much he appreciates it for yourself.

12. Appreciate him

Appreciate him

This is important; if you truly think he is important to you, tell him so and even more so, show it through your actions.

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