This Good Samaritan Helped Out A Homeless Person With All The Food She Could Take

This Good Samaritan Helped Out A Homeless Person With All The Food She Could Take

The three basic necessities of life are food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many don’t have access to one or all of the three. Having all three is actually a privilege which many of us take for granted. We don’t always remember that there are many who are not as privileged as we are. Polly is one such person who was down on her luck but things changed for her when she entered a fast food restaurant one day.

Polly entered the restaurant just hoping to get a get a glass of warm water.

But there she met Jonathon Pengelly who made it an unforgettable experience. Speaking of that day, Pengelly wrote about how it was something he didn’t expect. He had just walked into McDonald’s to grab some food when the woman in front of him caught his attention by only asking for a glass of water.

When the person behind the counter refused her request, Pengelly was shocked. All appearances indicated that the woman was homeless and she was only asking for water, one of the bare essentials that everyone needs. McDonald’s is an internationally famous franchise pulling in billions of pounds a year and Pengelly was disgusted when such a simple request was denied.

The sight left him heartbroken and so he started talking to Polly. He offered to get her whatever she wanted to eat and he was even more taken aback when she only wanted one cheeseburger. He got as much food as both of them could take so that she would have enough to keep her going for a while.

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But Jonathon Pengelly didn’t stop there.

He found Polly to be a warm, welcoming person so he decided to sit with her for some time. Talking to her actually brought him to tears. He spoke to a friend of Polly’s who was with her and he was so moved by the story and the enthusiastic attitude they still had towards life.

So, Pengelly took them back to his home and made enough food to keep several people fed at least for that week. He gave Polly and her friend the opportunity to take a bath and refresh themselves and both of them were very grateful for this simple kindness.

Acknowledging that he is no saint, Pengelly pointed out that this little thing he did didn’t even cost him that much money. He urged people to share his post about this experience so that many more become aware of what it is like to be homeless in the UK.

He still keeps in touch with Polly over the phone and he has vowed to make sure that she’ll always have food and a warm place whenever she needs it.

There’s an important lesson to be learned from Pengelly’s actions. Whenever you come across a person who seems to have been deprived even of the most fundamental things like food and water, offer them something from what you have. You might even change their life forever.

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