If He Wants to Marry you, THIS is What He Considers!

If He Wants to Marry you, THIS is What He Considers!

He wants to marry you?

One of the hardest things to understand is when a man is ready to get married. Trust me, it’s not about great sex, no, a man needs more than that. Yes, a night between the sheets will make him remember you, but it might not make him want to spend the rest of his life with you. No, it takes much more.

For marriage, the reason lies somewhere outside the bedroom. It’s another form of intimacy, to be honest. And this intimacy might surprise you.

We MISSED Each Other!

The truth behind why he pops the question

The truth is, men marry women who make them better people. It’s about women who challenge them, but still manage to use charm in the process. It’s about confidence and care, simultaneously. Something happens within a man’s brain, it’s as if their mindset is changed in the presence of someone they truly care for.

When their house and car is starting to look cleaner, then they want to take care of the woman. It’s a noble quality. They feel the need to be protective and yet, supportive while the woman continues to make things better all around. It’s a mutual care that seems to occur between the two.

Also, a man notices when a woman really loves him, but he doesn’t care for women who love him more than they do themselves. Like I said before, there must be confidence and self-esteem present, to make the woman seem more attractive.

Lets Flirt a Little More Before We Give Our First Kiss!

And then there’s just common sense

Basically, a man is ready to marry when he is excited by the prospect. When he lets his guard down and allows himself to love, he will appreciate everything about the experience. This is when he will be more prone to marry the woman he loves and take care of her.

In short, if you can make a man’s life better, then you are a shoe in! Good luck!

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