This Is How Your Body Knows When You’ve Found ‘The One’

This Is How Your Body Knows When You’ve Found ‘The One’

There have been countless books, movies and shows about the quest for ‘The One’ in the 21st century. All of us, whether we admit it or not, are waiting for our special person. So how do you know when you’ve found the one? The phenomenon that’s also known as “the butterflies in the stomach. Above everything else, listen to your own body. Your instincts are your best friend so pay close attention to what your gut is telling you.

Look out for these 10 signs which your body displays when it feels that ‘the one’ is within reach.

1. You feel happy and content, nothing like you’ve ever felt before.

The world just seems brighter and filled with hope. And every time your eyes meet, your heart and body fills with inexplicable warmth.

2. Ever since you’ve met them, the drive to reach your full potential is even more intense than ever before.

Obviously they support and encourage you, but more than that, you have the need to be your best to show that you deserve the best.

3. They are your safe place.

No matter how hard the day was, when you first see them, you can let go of all the frustrations and the disappointments, and just feel at peace with yourself. All of us deserve a person who can be a port to our storms.

4. Without even realizing that you are doing it- you stare at them absent-mindedly.

Every feature of their face holds a unique charm for you and you just can’t help it.

5. You fully recognize, remember and recall their scent.

No, not their cologne, their personal scent. And every time you smell it, you are filled with passion and craving for them.

6. Now this might seem to be coming straight out of a fairy tale but you genuinely share a very unique bond with them.

You can feel their emotions, their pain can hurt you, and their happiness can fill your world with joy.

7. Time starts acting weird around them.

Hours spent with them seem to pass in moments and the time which is spent away from them seems to be torturously extended. Something like this is truly once in a lifetime thing.

8. There are just so many golden memories that never fail to bring a smile to your face.

Over time you’d realize that no one else had such a sway on your happiness.

9. When you are with them, you abandon all masks and pretences.

You can be your most vulnerable and embarrassing self in front of them and deep inside your heart you’d know that you have nothing to worry about.

10. The passion you have for them just doesn’t seem to fade.

If anything, the passion continues to rise more and more whenever you two are together.

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