The Gap Of A Break-Up Is There To Be Filled Up With Something New

The Gap Of A Break-Up Is There To Be Filled Up With Something New

Did you break-up recently and feel a small gap? Don’t be afraid – they say that a break up is like a small death. Freaks you out? Yet, it’ s true. But it does make you stronger. The procedure of breaking off of one of your pieces can be hurtful but also rejuvenating. It means that you have created something new, something different. But be careful. It’s like a ritual. You have to follow the right steps to feel better with this “something new”.

Remember what you did when a jar has been filled with something that could not be preserved in the pass of time and is now old. You took this jar, you emptied the content in the garbage bin and cleaned up all the leftovers until it was completely clean. This is a procedure that needs time.

You Taught Me How To Feel

So does the heart. A small tip: Take everything that cannot stand in time and put it in a jar, then throw it away at the back of your head, because unfortunately our brain does not dispose a garbage bin. Clean up the mess your ex left inside and place something new in that position. So that the new can grow and develop. This is my advice, although it doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do. But if you follow this procedure for just a jar, imagine what you can do for your heart!

Don’t forget that this is your own decision and you have realised that you want to leave from where you are. You might not know anything more, but you know that you want to move on.

The new situation will come unexpectedly but at least you are fine with yourself. You are more active than ever and you are ready to swim with all your strength in a new sea of adventures. Don’t be afraid. Enjoy it, it’s part of the procedure. A procedure of life. When you go out, have fun! Let your hair down! Do it with passion! That’s freedom. Nobody can tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. You are the star and you direct your own life. If you ever feel that you are falling apart, grab a hold on your life and keep going.

This way you will find happiness and it will be yours. Inaction is worse than anything else. But patience can only be shown in battle. So live your life unconventionally and do not listen to others! You only live once and you make your own choices. So do not sleep on what people say or think.

Stop Underestimating Me

New adventures might be a re-adjustment in a relationship that was not working and had to change drastically. It doesn’t matter if you find something new straight away. The only important thing is that you hold on the compass of happiness and you can anchor on your new port of love and serenity. Everybody makes their own choices.

For you, happiness might be serenity and for someone else it might be adventure. Don’t care, you will search and find you own. Only you what’s the best choice for you and what can make you really happy. We choose our ports. Grab your heart, hold on it tight against the tumult and keep going in search of new adventures.

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