How to Love a Woman Who Has Been Through Hell & Back

How to Love a Woman Who Has Been Through Hell & Back

Being with someone takes effort and patience. Lot of work and love needs to be put in. However, to date a woman who has had a traumatic life and has not had it easy; needs something more than that. Sensitive people need to be treated extra special.

They need to be shown how amazing and beautiful they are. She might be depressed and insecure, might constantly judge her worth and be all over the place but you need to be her rock and hold her through it all.

1. She’s afraid that she will be hurt again. Explaining this to her will not change anything- only love can do that

A woman who has faced tough times won’t let herself be vulnerable easily. She will be cautious to love, to trust. She will fear that history will get repeated. You need to love her and show her that you will stay by her side through thick and thin.

2. But when she pushes you away, relax. Like floating in the ocean, no amount of fighting will break the waves; only time can do that

There are times when she might push you away and put her walls up, blocking you. Don’t try to break them forcibly. Give her time; let her feel comfortable enough to let her take them down herself.

3. If she is scared, hold her close and whisper how much you love her

Her demons often creep up on her and choke her. While she struggles alone and feels lonely and helpless, hold her tight. Although she might fear being her true self, let her know you’ll support her always.

4. She’ll feel inadequate for your love

Having been mistreated all her life, and made to feel bad about being herself, she will be consumed by insecurity. Keep loving her, showing how important and precious she is to you.

5. Her love will be tenuous

Just like her, her love will be fragile. She will try to shield herself from being hurt too bad, like before. She might try to break it off and might make you feel that it means nothing. Don’t let her go. Just keep staying strong for her. She will come around.

6. She seeks to be in control

She might try to dominate, a show to make up for the powerlessness she feels. Don’t let it get to you. Just keep loving her because she is worth it.

7. You’ve chosen each other, for better or for worse

A relationship can never be easy. Arguments will happen, so will sweet moments. At the end of the day respect the fact that you chose each other. Even if times are tough, your love for each other will keep you strong.

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