How You Handle Breakups, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How You Handle Breakups, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Stars and zodiac signs have their own influence when it comes to the love life of a person. Most of us look for zodiac signs and horoscopes, at least once, in our lives. Today we will look at the breakups from the spectacle of zodiac signs.


They are the ones who get detached rather easily
. They either love someone or forget them. Though, you must keep in mind that the detachment must not let your humanity fade.


These people are fickle-headed in nature. They get bored rather easily. However, they get over their issues too easily and hence they don’t drag any issue for long.


Pisceans are generally free floating people. They don’t commit to anyone usually. They are kind and good-hearted people in relationship. Therefore, if you get dumped by them, then that means you have tested their patience to its extreme extent.


They are charming and witty people which make them great dates
. Though, in a serious relationship, they tend to be less faithful and more dual.


These people are very calm and sweet people. It makes them a great partner to live with. They are not easily angered. So, if you get dumped by them, then it means that you have made them to take the extreme measures.


Cancerians are very much guided by their lunar-phases
. Hence, their breakups are too quick in nature. Breaking-up with them is equally easy as getting into relationship with them.


These people are easily angered. If you hurt their pride, it becomes difficult for them to continue in the relationship. They generally break up because of this problem.


They believe in settled life, so it is generally hard to breakup with them. They don’t give up easily. However, once they do, there is no coming back according to their philosophy.


Sagittarians are very judgmental and insensitive people. Therefore, they are too quick in breaking-up, as they don’t mind the consequence much. However, they don’t breakup unless the cause is very much compelling.


They are the seeker of perfection. This causes a lot of issues in their lives, as it leads them to dump someone or getting dumped.


They keep postponing things. They showcase this habit in their relationships too. You won’t see them initiating breakups generally. They drag the problem for long time.


They are loyal and logical people. This makes them a great partner for a relationship. If they end-up breaking up with you, it means they think that you do not deserve them.

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