This Is How You Love Someone Who Constantly Overthinks

This Is How You Love Someone Who Constantly Overthinks

If you are reading this article, it means you have such a person in life who tends to think too much. It can be quite difficult to love someone who constantly overthinks and is questioning his/her self worth as well as the authenticity of your feelings towards him/her.

But you need to realize that they are not doing this for the fun of it. It’s their mind which is constantly playing tricks on them and however hard it is for you to handle them; it’s much more difficult for them to deal with that feeling on a daily basis.

If they are full of doubts, you need to be full of certainty.

If their mind is replaying what if’s in their head, you need to ensure that they know exactly where things stand. You will have to be much more explicit than usual, so that there is never any space for doubt.

Be there for them, instead of just saying so.

Your actions would do much more than your words in making your partner believe that they have your support.

You need to put yourself in their shoes.

Be compassionate while dealing with their questions. Their fears might not have any basis in reality, but that doesn’t make them any less real for them.

Provide them an outlet.

They should feel secure in confiding in you. If they fear that they will lose you, they’d keep things to themselves and it might lead to complications.

Treat their Frenzies.

Never ignore or belittle their doubts or questions. For them it is important that you take the time to think them over and answer them. It might lead to slightly unpleasant conversations but it will all be worth it.

Be their Ray of sunshine.

Help them in dealing with their daily onslaught of negativity. Your love and support is all they need to fight these inner demons.

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