96 Year Old Husband Feeding Wife With Alzheimer’s Proves Love Exists

96 Year Old Husband Feeding Wife With Alzheimer’s Proves Love Exists

Love! This four letter word evokes a lot of emotions in a person. A sense of belonging, a notion of being there with someone, for someone, even when times are tough. Especially when times are trying! We see examples of love in history and even between people among us.

For some, love goes way deeper than the need to be physical, than just carnal lust, and embeds itself into one’s consciousness. And every time you breathe, it is their thoughts that come up in your head. Without them, you feel numb, lost, hopeless and dejected. With them, you feel on top of the world. This is love. Not someone you spend Friday night with, but Saturday morning with.

96-year-old husband feeding wife with alzheimer’s

96-year-old husband feeding wife with alzheimer’s

This tale is of a couple, aged 96 and 93, about to spend 75 years together. Imagine! 75 years in a time when relationships last mere days and break off without any real feelings attached to them. Seems unbelievable, right? Well, it is true. The wife suffers from Alzheimer’s and the husband does everything in his power to make the last years of her life comfortable and filled with love.

A true modern tale of love where nothing can separate them! Not people, not things, not money, not an illness. When they stood before the altar, reciting their vows, they really decided to uphold it to the best of their abilities, without letting go off each other.

She suffers from Alzheimer’s, which makes it regrettably certain that she has forgotten many memories that involved the man beside her. And yet, this man tries every single day, feeds her cheeseburgers at Wendy’s even when he knows that she might not remember him at all. And probably she doesn’t, but she recognizes the love he has for her and that makes her accept this man in her life. Love knows no boundaries, and this couple testifies to that.

The love between them is beautiful, pure, and coveted. Hopefully, it will last forever, even after they are long gone!

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