Hyper-Analyzing Causes The Biggest Problems

Hyper-Analyzing Causes The Biggest Problems

Have you ever wondered why we hyper-analyze and get all baffled up with most things like there’s no tomorrow? Hey!

Before I continue, let me announce that although you think you know what I mean when I say “most things”, two or three hours ago you just misinterpreted her words or her behaviour and now you make all these crazy scenarios in your head that even Spielberg would be jealous of. So, you end up questioning her, imposing endless questions about where and what she has been doing, knowing inside of you that what you do is wrong.

In the end you might end up fighting, but not for long.

You know why, don’t you? Because she is crazy for you! Don’t let such thoughts cause you harm. You certainly have doubts because once someone left you in the worst way of all or because they went cheating on you. But you know what? You still are a wonderful creature.

On the other hand, my best friend is not a wonderful creature.

“She is online, whom is she talking with, she was online 13 minutes ago, look how long she’s been online!” is what a typical evening with him sounds like. Hey man! Relax!

But why are we doing all these things? Maybe because humans want to be the rulers in their environment and cannot handle it when they don’t know it properly?

A student certainly knows what I’m talking about. You get settled in your new home, in a totally different city and there finally come the moment that you have been waiting for for so long! The time for the first class! There it is, the bus stop you have to get the bus from, thinking “what if I get the wrong one?” again and again until you totally freak out. This ignorance is what leads people to think differently, not necessarily falsely and the mind to generate countless thoughts and questions that bombard your head, thus leading you to a distortion of reality. More specifically, you need to accomplish an achievement. Get on the bus!

I own an apology to disabled people.

Not few are those who say that 90% of problems are caused by our own hyperanalyzing and that this method does nothing but augment the problems. And I wonder, how is it possible for a person who dreams, not to be scrutinizing their own dreams? You have finally decided whom you want to be with, you become a dreamer, you live your own dreams and you make dreams for two.

You think about where you will be going for vacation, where you will be chilling out to drink this red wine you know your partner loves, how you will be preparing this surprise party for their birthday or anniversary.

But even with more everyday things, when you wake up first and you see her sleeping next to you. You want to wake her up so much! Or you don’t? Is it a shame? No, it’s not. Or is it? You talk about it with yoursef but until you decide, an hour at least has passed and you already have your first kiss.

Good morning!

The only thing for sure is that “Over thinking” as the English say, causes problems. Hard problems, lighter problems, beautiful problems, dream problems. They are all in our head.

In reality, we get entangled in them ourselves, we must disentangle ourselves as well. Now you understand how the phrase “I fucked up” was born. Just don’t think that much.

Or maybe not?

Image Credits: overexposures

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