I Was Never an Addicted Person. But I Got Addicted to You.

I Was Never an Addicted Person. But I Got Addicted to You.

The time has passed. The day was neutral. Me, in a state where I cannot even control myself or even my memory. It keeps returning to you. To you and our exquisite orgasms. Those, I didn’t need to be naked to feel.

In the beginning, I thought you were something temporary.

An enthusiasm, a crush. One of these that quickly fade away. I soon realised that you were love, that I didn’t have to take my clothes off to cum.

There was a magic you were casting upon me, just and only with your presence.

I cannot explain it differently. Your perfume, more intoxicating than the best spirit in the whole world. You had this gaze that was constantly provoking me. A gaze that made me wanna be yours any time. Every time.

Staring at me so wontedly like every woman wants to be stared at.

You were the conqueror and I couldn’t wait to be conquered. Your touch on me was different from everything I had felt until then. You were touching my skin and I was getting goosebumps. I was touching you and I felt complete.

The excitement I felt from your presence made my soul and flesh crawl from desire.

I couldn’t wait, not for one minute after you entered through the door. The thought and only of what would follow made me horny. It made me imagine and build small teasers in my head of the movie that we would make tonight – like every night -.

This is how much I’ve wanted you. So much that I didn’t manage to desire anyone else.

So much that you were the only one for me. I never had to stand in front of you naked to have an orgasm. I never had to take my clothes off, because you took the ‘garment’ off my heart and there’s nothing hornier than this.

Women work with the brain. Everything goes through the brain.

Fuck her brain and the body will follow, they say. I didn’t know if this saying was true. I didn’t know until I met you. Until our bodies were one. You fucked my brain, damn, and this is why I was fucking untameable. Sleeping with you was everything I could ask for.

As good as you were with giving me incredible orgasms without any effort in bed, you were as bad in everything else.

In hugging, kissing, in the next day that never found us together. And to me, some orgasms were not enough.

Now, after so much time, you still hold the first position in my ranking and you still refuse to let it go.

The time has passed. The day was neutral. Clothes cover the floor. I still compare everyone with you. Looking for you in strangers’ beds and strangers’ faces.

I was lucky enough to meet someone to show me what love looks like. And my curse was you.

I was never an addicted person. But I got addicted to you.


Image Credits: overexposures

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