I Love You But It’s Time To Let You Go

I Love You But It’s Time To Let You Go

We had broken up two months back. I meant it when I said I was over you. I was ready to move on, or at least I thought so. But scrolling through my Facebook feed one day at work made me realise it was just the opposite.

I came across a picture of you with another girl your arms wrapped around her. You were kissing her on her head. It broke my heart to see you so happy with another girl.


That one picture was enough to crush me at the core of my heart. I could hear your voice crystal clear in my mind, your words from our last conversation. You said letting me go was the worst decision you’ve ever made. You had to run away from me because of how intense my love for you was. Off course, you were scared and you said letting go of this relationship would probably haunt you forever.

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You were facing problems being attached to any girl emotionally. So when I walked into your life you were beyond happy to have finally found someone who you could let into your truest emotional self. You said you could not stand other girls for more than 10 minutes. It would physically hurt you to be around them since you could not open up emotionally. I became the most special person in your life. You said you were sorry if you ruined it all with me but you assured me you would never be able love.

But there you are featuring on my News Feed with her hands wrapped around your waist. She is looking up at your face adoring you and you look anything but ‘physically sick’.

I faced the worst form of heartbreak- seeing a girl in love with the man who broke my heart. The man who said he wasn’t ready to feel such intense emotion and happiness but was now in love with another girl. This kind of pain shapes you and leads on to mould you into what you are.

Surprisingly enough this pain was more of a blessing than a curse. I discovered better things in life. Our broken relationship turned out a teaching for me.

The fact that you walked out made me realise how easily I give myself up for people and how easily people get the better of me every time. I had relied on you so much that I felt you loved me, if not in actions then maybe in your thoughts.

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It took me time to understand I deserved someone who would pull me up and not drag me down, a man who loves me with certainty.

I decide never to settle again. If a man treats me in an inappropriate manner he will be out of my life.

The moment you stopped caring for me was the exact moment I started caring about myself. You treated me badly enough for me to go through a transformation, one towards a brighter life.

When I saw you were happy with someone else it was like a beginning for me to open myself up to so much more. I was now open to a lot more love- love of an extraordinary kind and I became an extraordinary person myself. I have nothing but utmost gratitude for you. All I have to say to you is thank you.

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