If A Man Wants You, He Will Pursue You (It’s Not That Complicated)

If A Man Wants You, He Will Pursue You (It’s Not That Complicated)

Almost every girl has to deal with the inner turmoil of liking a guy but not being sure of the intensity of his feelings for her. Most girls then move away a little so that he can prove himself by chasing after her.

The truth is that if he truly cares about you, enough to want a serious relationship, he’ll make sure that you are aware of it.

He’ll show you that he is really interested in you. He’ll do all the extra work necessary to prove to you that he loves you and wishes to be with you.

On the flipside, there are guys who aren’t really in love with you but they’ll keep you hanging.

They will till you are wracked by insecurity and your confidence falls to a record low. They’ll do their best to charm you in order to make you believe that they’re into you while holding you at arm’s length. When a guy does this, he doesn’t really care about you so cut him off and look for someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

If you meet a guy who does all that he can to ensure that you think well of him, who makes sure that you have a good time with him and who is a perfect gentleman at all times, this is a guy who truly cares about you, enough to want a relationship with you.

All of us have made the mistake of falling for someone who is not right for us in the least. For this reason we really need to break away from that vicious cycle. When you meet a guy who isn’t confident that you are the one for him, don’t use up a lot of energy on him because he won’t do that for you. This is a fairly simple principle and we need to base all our relationships on it.

It’s completely okay to reject someone who doesn’t really care about you. If he doesn’t treat you well when you interact with each other initially, that is very likely to continue. Even if your relationship intensifies so just get out while you can.

Remember that you are a person worthy of someone who will love you for your real self.

He’ll love the person that you are, flaws and all and he’ll never be ashamed of you. He will declare that he is yours to all and sundry. He’ll prove his affection for you whenever he can.

So the next time you meet someone who sparks your interest, keep your eyes wide open. Try to observe every little detail about the way they treat you. It won’t always work out the way you want it to but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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