If He Wanted To Be With You, He Would Be With You

If He Wanted To Be With You, He Would Be With You

The truth is always bitter. But accepting it is way better than realising late what you already knew all along. It’s a hard pill to swallow but is it healing at the same time. The truth is if he wanted to be with you, he would be with you.

There are endless possible scenarios here. It’s easier when the guy is a jerk who treats you badly, and doesn’t value you. But it hurts when he is a genuinely nice guy who just starts behaving like an asshole. It is easy to get over a guy who is just using you to make someone jealous, or crushing you without giving it much thought.

But it gets tough when he is a good guy and you still have to let him go.

When you have a mutual liking for each other and he tells you he likes being around you but feels that you’re not the one. The time that he tells you you’re an amazing girl but he somehow doesn’t have the same feelings like you do. When he tells you he is just being honest because does not want to end up hurting you. When he seems confused or when he is unsure about the relationship. This confused state is a subtle indicator of an eventual “no”. If he wanted to be with you he would not have to make a choice thinking if he actually wants to. He would simple know. The very fact that he is feeling confused means he is not willing to be with you. His confusion is a feeling in his gut telling him not to get attached to you.

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Regardless of the how good or bad the guy is the main concern here is you being able to move on.

No matter how much he liked you didn’t the bottom line is he does not want to be with you. This surely isn’t the best feeling in the world. However hard you try not to you’ll still be holding into this feeling for several days or weeks or maybe even months. This feeling of rejection and abandonment will constantly linger in and around you. It will get pretty ugly. You’ll find yourself thinking about the conversations you had with him and the times you spent together. But this is the only way to feel better and overcome these thoughts.

You might think that he just needs more time to be sure. But just consider how naturally you feel the way you do about him. You do not need time to think if you really want to be with him. You know what you want for sure and so does he. He knows he does not want to be with you. When the time comes it is be best for you to understand this and let him go.

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Feeling so deeply for him and choosing not to be with him anyway

It breaks your heart to watch him feel nothing like the way you do. And the worst part is there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t change that, you can’t fix yourself and you just need to accept the truth that his heart is not in the same place as yours. You can’t really help it and it sucks.

You will be hurt but you need to try your best to move on. It will take time, maybe a lot of it, but you will feel better eventually. It is better to be sad for a few days out of rejection rather than hopelessly trying to convince yourself that he just needs more time or he misses you or you need to just give him a call, and that is the only silver lining here. Love yourself enough to not be pathetic. Be hard on yourself enough to stand strong against all the forces that may try to pull you down.

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