What Are Your Intimacy Issues According To Your Zodiac Sign?

What Are Your Intimacy Issues According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Sharing intimacy means opening up oneself to vulnerabilities. Different signs react differently in such situations and here is a breakdown of the fears of every sign in a relationship of intimate nature.


They are very headstrong and self dependent. They fear that in a relationship they’d become weak and dependent.


Though they are open to commitment, but are very reluctant to change their ways. Their fear of leaving the comfort zone might stagnate the relationship.


They are not prone to stay at one place for long. They fear they’ll be bored of a relationship soon so they never even invest themselves in one properly.


They are very emotional and hence vulnerable. They fear being at the mercy of their loved one.


They are the ones in charge. Though this is a good leadership quality but can cause problems in a relationship as both the partners should be equal.


They are always worried about their imperfections and feel that they are not worthy of the other person. However, these high expectations are of their own making and baseless.


They are about the ideal living and aesthetic. This tendency may make them want to discard a relationship the moment things get even a bit messy.


Others can easily get intimidated by Scorpios and hence avoid a relationship with them. It is solely because they tend to be a bit more intense and blunt than most people.


They’d rather spend their entire life Footloose and commitment free. However they need to understand that commitment doesn’t mean complete loss of freedom.


They’d rather be the calm emotional pillar for others rather than ever admitting that they are vulnerable too. They need to understand that love and caring is a two way street.


They’d rather be logical than emotional. However intelligence can’t cure loneliness.


They are known to be so adaptive and capable of change, that they sometimes forget what is essentially them and what do they need from a relationship.

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