8 Things To Do, To Keep Your Man

8 Things To Do, To Keep Your Man

In this world of tinder dates and wavering loyalties it gets kind of hard to make your partner want to stay. Though this is true for both men and women equally, here we will talk about the things men like and which women can pay attention to if they want their mister to stay.

Don't be the woman who needs a man. Be the woman a man needs.
Don’t be the woman who needs a man. Be the woman a man needs.

1. Don’t lose your cool-

No one appreciates unnecessary drama and tantrums in their life. A man will value you if you can handle arguments and disagreements without turning it into a shouting match. So if you are in the habit of flying off the hook even on the slightest opportunity, you might want to tone down your temper a little bit.

2. Don’t hold back your smarts-

You might think that men are attracted to beauty and that is all they care about. Well for first impression perhaps yes. But what holds a man’s interest is what you have to say. Intellectually stimulating conversations are welcome and appreciated so don’t suppress your opinions; let him know your take on things as well.

3. Honesty is appreciated-

Many people tend to hold back or conceal certain aspects about themselves so that they are more likeable to the other person. But in the long run your partner would expect and appreciate 100% honesty from you.

4. Care-

It is nice to know that someone cares about us and is perhaps the biggest reason why people look to settle down with one person. Be there to care and support your man, he will not just acknowledge it, but also reciprocate it.

5. Polish your sense of humor-

Life is hard, and baffling and on more than one instance downright cruel. We need humor and laughter to survive and if you can make light of tough times, any man would be lucky enough to have you in his life.

6. Don’t compromise on your self esteem-

Don’t think that a man would love you more if you let him walk over you. The only way a man can truly love you is if he respects you, and he will only respect you when you will respect yourself.

7. Show kindness-

You might be the Queen of beauty, but if you are not compassionate nobody will bother to stick around for a long time. Kindness is the most treasured trait that people seek in their friends and family as well as partners. Nobody likes a mean bitch.

8. Keep that romance alive-

And most importantly, if you can keep the romance alive in your relationship, your man will never go looking for greener pastures. Of course it is the duty of both the partners but don’t forget to do your bit.

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