Lets Flirt a Little More Before We Give Our First Kiss!

Lets Flirt a Little More Before We Give Our First Kiss!

In our hurry to share the first kiss, to feel the passion with each other, we tend to forget the magical period of flirting, of playing. The period of sexual freedom and independence. Underestimated period and it doesn’t worth it.

The uncertainty is what makes it magical. The thing that you don’t know if you have succeeded in your flirt or not. When you search for his look in streets, cafeterias and bars. When your cellphone has become your hand extension as you wait for a text. When the only thing you can think of is the possibility of meeting him in a random place even if that is the waiting que in a bank.

We MISSED Each Other!

It is the period of overload, and since it is impossible to fall asleep in the night, you acquire the best eye nags of your life. The brain spins with the speed of light and you forget what you were used to, your routine. Your best self has taken over the situation.

That’s why I am telling you to flirt a little bit more before we share our first kiss. Play with me as I am going to play with you.

Touch my knee by mistake, just a little so I can feel the goosebumps, introduce me to tunes that I never heard before, take me where I haven’t been.

Look at me and low your look when I look back at you. Give me your priceless smile, the one that made notice you.

Let me stare at your lips as you tell me stories from your life and give the material I need to fill my nights until we start sharing them with you. Whisper me all those thing that you want to do to me and how you dream of our moments.

Claim me, give your best, bring me into your world, show me what I will gain if I’ll stay with you and then disappear so I can search for you and I can claim you too.

And we met again. When I was drunk.

That is why flirting is a race without any guarantees and facts. Scottish shower that makes your veins explode. Me looking for you, you looking for me and redeem each other with the first sms, at our first date.

All those days that we fight to conquer each other’s heart, when compliments come and go and endless flirting takes place.

But here I need to make note and give a clear warning: We should always keep in the back of our mind that many people flirt without a clear reason, without being emotionally ready to get involved in any kind of relationship, they just play. All of us have been there.

And as you start dreaming for the future they get their self-confirmation and say goodbye. Refreshing flirt, without any further obligations and of course flirt that can’t be judged.

Flirt in all its forms and with any possible outcome is a sign of life. Enjoy it and search for it.

Small Habits That Make Us Fall in Love!

And since we both are really good at it, come on, let us continue a little more before we share our first kiss. Or even better, let us continue flirting even after our first kiss, just because we can, just because we love is better this way.


Image Credits: overexposures

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