The Mayan Zodiac Symbols And Names, Which One Are You?

The Mayan Zodiac Symbols And Names, Which One Are You?

The Mayans developed a complex system of astrology with 19 zodiac signs. Keep reading to find out where you’d fit in their understanding of the stars.

Ch’en: January 2nd to 21st

As children of the night, the Ch’en are most powerful after the sun sets and before its rise. Moonstones are lucky for them as they are naturally connected to the moon. Remember to face west while you meditate.

Yax: January 22nd to February 10th

They are closely linked with those who fall under Yaxk’in. Venus governs them and so they are peaceful and harmonious people who spread happiness wherever they go.

Sac: February 11th to March 2nd

Sac have more power during the day, especially soon after dawn breaks. They must spend these hours in meditation to gain knowledge. They have an affinity for frogs and like the leap of a frog, they can effortlessly transition to a different path.

Keh: March 3rd to March 22nd

Closely connected to nature, they try their best to restore her beauty. With all the energy of fire, they are quite powerful. Like deer, they are also elegant and soft when they need to be.

Mak: March 23rd to April 11th

A very mysterious sign, they are very guarded and never reveal their full identity to others. They like to meditate and reflect upon the many unanswered questions that existence has given us.

K’ank’in: April 12th to May 1st

Children of the sun, they draw power from its energy. They also have an affinity for dogs and like them, are loyal and strong. Their connection to the earth makes them gain more if they meditate in a cave.

Muwan: May 2nd to May 21st

Muwan is connected to both fire and water so thunderstorms are the best time for them. The own is their spirit animal and so they are visionaries and oracles who can catch any falsehood, no matter how subtle.

Pax: May 22nd to June 10th

Represented by the Jaguar, these people are strong, honest leaders. Their strength is as steady as the beat of a drum. Playing the drum will help you find peace and order.

Kayab: June 11th to June 30th

Kayab’s affinity for the moon helps them find success in their spiritual journey. Their spirit animal is the turtle which symbolizes infinite wisdom. They are also seen as the beings that carry the earth.

Kumk’u: July 1st to July 20th

Clear sigh is a gift Kumk’u is born with and this makes them impartial mediators. They share the crocodile’s power of long life and order. No matter how life changes around them, they remain unaffected.

Wayeb: July 21’st to July 25th

Born in a rather strange time, the Wayeb period only lasts 5 days which are believed to be the days on which there is an imbalance in nature. Wayeb are inextricably linked to the unseen worlds around us.

Pop: July 26th to August 14th

Pop’s strong leadership skills are embodied in their symbols – the Jaguar and the Chief. They are able to direct the people working under them while also making sure they want for nothing.

Wo: August 15th to September 3rd

Like Che’n they absorb the power of the night and like Sac, their totem animal is the frog. They are mystics trying to answer all the mysteries of the universe.

Sip: September 4th to September 23rd

They are graceful and grounded with all the magnificence of the deer while sharing the powers of air and fire. Red is the color that brings Sip the most luck.

Sotz: September 24th to October 13th

Strangely enough, Sotz shares two spirit animals, the bat and the fish, which do not reside on the same plane. They possess the acute sensitivity of a bat while also sharing the highly intuitive abilities given by the fish.

Sec: October 14th to November 2nd

Strongly linked to the earth and the sky, Sec has a deep interest in soaring through the wind. Their affinity to air gives them great mental strength and they are extremely skilled at solving problems.

Xui: November 3rd to November 22nd

Dogs are the spirit animal of the Zui and like them they are loyal, strong and dedicated. Mayan mythology portrays dogs as guides to the after life so Xui has the power to guide others in their passing.

Yaxk’in: November 23rd to December 12th

The Sun God Ah Kin rules over Yaxk’in and through his power, they possess extraordinary healing abilities. But he is also considered to be the father of doubt so it is difficult for them to believe in themselves.

Mol: December 13th to January 1st

Connected to water, the Mayans believed that Mol could bring forth the rain. Their power depends on the pattern of the weather. Represented by the Jaguar, they are also leaders, spiritual and political.

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