Why Modern Dating Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Throat

Why Modern Dating Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Throat

“Would you be ready for a hook-up?”

This is the line one gets to hear these days often. In an age of dating apps, people judge human characters on the basis of a few lines. They spend hours on texting strangers. They love to invest their time and energy in crafting a text message in order to flirt. Even though there are new apps available to ‘connect’ with ‘strangers’, people have actually drifted apart. People prefer saying hello through a text message than greeting other people in person.

I cannot live a detached life as these people do.

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Maybe that is because I’m a very emotional person. I get attached to a person very easily. If I start talking to someone with the intention of dating them, I would start by stating my intentions clear. I do not believe in fooling around. Maybe that’s why I can never understand the outcome of casual dating. I’m a very sensitive person and I get myself involved way too much than required. However, when I expect the same thing from the other person, they fail me. I have often been used and tricked into favours by people. They have succeeded in using the sympathy card on me.

Ever wondered why modern dating has become so popular these days?

It wasn’t so popular even a few years back. It is not just about our openness or any new social approach. Nowadays, people mostly date or get into relationships just for the sake of it. Casual dating has become the new ‘cool’ and boasting about your conquests is the new trend. If someone is always surrounded by people who are of this nature, then it is quite natural for them to have the urge of taking a plunge in it. If you do not participate in this madness, you would be judged. You would ultimately end up feeling insecure about yourself. You would eventually groom and fashion yourself to go with the flow. Isn’t that what all the modern movies are about?

Modern dating culture has come up with many new names to label every activity that we do.

If you are texting someone first, then you are needy and acting desperate. Every move becomes important and one has to be very calculative. You cannot ask someone out for two nights in a row. They might think that you are using it as a way of dropping hints. You cannot text a guy first if he didn’t text you first the last time. So many demands and many calculations, exhaust me.

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What bothers me is that, amidst all this, actual human connection is lost.

One has to be so cautious and decisive all the time. How can you connect without being real, without being yourself? How can you pretend so much? Because I cannot. That’s not who I am. Modern dating system manipulates my thinking and my actions. It restricts my freedom in every possible way. And yes, I say it, modern dating system disgusts me.

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