Want to Move in Together? Better Check these 15 Zodiac Combos First!

Want to Move in Together? Better Check these 15 Zodiac Combos First!

You’re in love! So, you’re getting along well and have lots in common, well, not so fast. Have you checked your astrological sign yet? Read through these signs before you decide to move in together, with your lover. There are so many things you must take into consideration when falling in love.

First off, you want to understand each other and loving on surface level can only get you so far. There are deeper things to understand, such as communication skills and topics. Only spending a short period together, at one time, will only provide a small amount of information. Basically, sooner or later, you must move in together. There are 15 sign combos that just shouldn’t do that.

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Sagittarius and Taurus

These signs are like night and day. The Taurus is down to earth and excited about making commitments, while the Sagittarius is all about travel and living a freer lifestyle. Even though they have strength in the bedroom, it’s probably not enough to keep them happy for long periods of time.

Pisces and Gemini

This combo is a whirlwind. Pisces are serious signs, devoted to relationship goals, while the Gemini is more light-hearted and free. Gemini’s may make jokes and poke fun at the responsibilities of the Pisces, which makes the Pisces frustrated and then rather smothering. When the Gemini pulls away from this clinginess, the Pisces becomes worse, causing friction. Not a good match.

Aquarius and Cancer

As the Aquarius runs around being social, the Cancer is taking care of home base. This causes friction. The Aquarius also likes more adventurous decorating ideas while the Cancer is more down to earth. They are opposing forces which in turn makes the Cancer feel insecure, and the Aquarius doesn’t want to deal with this.

Sagittarius and Virgo

The thing is, the Sagittarius probably finds the Virgo boring. Since the Sagittarius is rather carefree and the Virgo focused on priorities, these signs clash monstrously. All the Virgo wants is peace and comfort, while the Sagittarius prefers to keep things stirred up a bit.

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Cancer and Libra

The differences between these two weighs heavily on being guided from separate areas. The Cancer is guided from the heart while the Libra, from the head. They are both cardinal signs which makes them both determined, just finding influence from opposite spaces.

Gemini and Scorpio

These two don’t get along very well. The Scorpio’s intuition will keep them from loving the Gemini if the Gemini is showing signs of flirting. You see, the Gemini is social while the Scorpio needs space and this creates opposition. The Scorpio also has trouble finding depth in the Gemini.

Leo and Capricorn

Again, we see two complete opposites, one spontaneous while the other structured. The Capricorn, being the more structured sign is also very negative at times. The Leo, on the other hand, just wants to have fun and be happy while doing it.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Curiously, Aquarius and Scorpio signs are much alike. They are both stubborn and have solid points of view. Unfortunately, they fail to understand each other when saying the exact same thing. The Aquarius loves his freedom and the Scorpio is jealous, so you can see where this is going. Over time, however, the union gets better.

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Libra and Pisces

These two are also quite a bit the same, but on other spectrums. They both tend to love having fun and living in a fantasy world. This makes the initial moving in together seem like the best thing ever. After a while, when reality calls, however, they will panic. They are opposites when it comes to dealing with problems.

Cancer and Aries

The funny thing about these two signs is that they can either be like time bombs or work in harmony. Where the Aries feels, they are right all the time, the Cancer holds grudges. As the Cancer strikes out in emotion, the Aries feels offended. If they can compromise, it can work. If not, there will be war.

Aquarius and Taurus

There is usually just no chemistry between these two. This is primarily because the Taurus is grounded and the Aquarius likes to try new things. Their differences are so large that they will tend to want to change one another, killing the romance. The only way it can work is by adopting a sense of humor about their differences and being accepting.

Aries and Capricorn

Here again we see opposites, fun and carefree verses structured and serious. The Capricorn is about business first and foremost while the Aries is more free. Their finances will probably not survive in a living situation together since the Aries like to spend while the Capricorn tend to save.

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Virgo and Gemini

These two are not compatible simply because no one wants to take charge in serious situations and talking is their only solution. This can get uncomfortable and eventually cause them to take a mother/child positions with each other. Strange.

Leo and Scorpio

These two have explosive relationships, but it’s just too much chaos for a serious life together, for the most part. Their passion, however, is unmistakable. It’s obvious if they love or hate each other, since either emotion is strong.

Sagittarius and Gemini

As with some other signs, these two are stubborn. Although they match up on a physical level, they usually have opposite ideas about life itself. They tend to get bored with each other too and wonder why they went so fast with the relationship.

So, who are you? What is your sign? Read through these signs before you decide to move in with your lover. This could help you figure out if you are headed in the right direction or if you need more time. Enjoy your reading!


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