These Nine Signs Show That You Are Dating A Man

These Nine Signs Show That You Are Dating A Man

Men have huge differences from mere boys. When you are dating a man – a real one, this is how you will know..

Boys don’t have uncomfortable conversations – men can talk about their needs

Boys tend to be passive agressive when there is something in the relationship that they don’t like. A man knows that it may be harder to have honest conversations, but it will work out for the greater good.

Men give proper time and energy to the right woman

Boys tend to only search for hook ups, while men understand that real relationships are far more rewarding than “scoring” every night.

Boys will compliment you to make you have sex with them, while men want you to feel good about yourself

Men understand that there is a difference between giving compliments to receive something in return, and giving them to offer some confidence. And they choose the latter.

Boys live for the day, while men build their future

A real man will think about his future and the future of his woman, and work hard for it.

Men are stimulated by smart women

Boys may feel intimidation when faced with smart women. Men make no such mistakes – they know how much a smart woman has to offer.

Men only make the promises they can keep

They know to speak the truth, and live up to what they say.

Boys are afraid of rejection, while men handle their fears head on.. 

Rejection is a scary concept, but real men know to take the risk and make themselves vulnerable.

Boys don’t have priorities – men will make you into theirs. 

A man can understand what matters and what is important – if you are his woman, you will be his top priority.

Men don’t put you down

A boy may refrain himself from encouraging you, due to his intimidation. A real man knows to support you in all of your decisions, and will be glad to see you thrive.


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