If You Have To Force It, Leave It Alone, Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

If You Have To Force It, Leave It Alone, Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

Human society for the longest time has been a society of clingers. We cling on to things and refuse to let them go. That’s why the idea that sometimes it is better to accept the inevitable and make peace with the universe seems like such a revolutionary idea (no not Buddhism, we’re talking about exotic Kung-Fu movies).

This extends to how we look at people as well and it takes some time and maturity to come to the conclusion that sometimes it truly is better to simply let go and move on in life. Not everyone you lose is a loss and in fact helps us grow as people. Society has amped up this anxiety of loss nowadays by drilling it into our heads that losing someone is always a bad thing. But is it?

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Sometimes the person in our lives may not be the enriching experience we would wish for.

A loss is a loss only if we let it feel that way. Of course you will feel pain and go through heartache when you have to let someone go but always remember that this is the journey of life. It’s a long journey and it’s not supposed to be without its bumps. These kinds of separations are what make us think about our lives and teach us to be at peace with the fact sometimes it is better for people involved to move on.

That is the silver lining to keep in mind.

Sometimes we need to learn to follow our instincts. Things work out in the end no matter what, and the distance in time gives us the luxury to understand how every piece fell into place. Follow your intuition and you’ll realize that sometimes you genuinely deserve better and you can get it. Sometimes maybe even the other person deserves better. Letting go is hard, but for what it’s worth, a lot of times it can be the best thing for you. Human beings are designed to seek out new people.

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In some ways you could argue that this instinct forms the basis of society.

Giving up on a relationship or another person is not quitting as much as coming to better understanding of yourself and your needs and recognizing when and how you transcend those needs to make someone else happy. After isn’t life a continuous exploration of one’s self? That journey would stop in its tracks if we could not stop ourselves from fixating on a moment in time or a specific person. Life is too short to be so sad.

Remember that our broken moments don’t define us. It’s how we deal with them that do.

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