There Is One Person We Will Never Get Over

There Is One Person We Will Never Get Over

They left. Sounds like a sappy Nicholas Sparks book, doesn’t it? Well, real life may not be all that different either.

We love them, we want them, we need them, and yet, they are poison to our lives. They are like the very drugs that our parents warned us about. We are addicted to them and withdrawal seems almost impossible. What do we do then? Bring them back into our lives again and again, as they keep hurting us again and again? Take out the last remaining shred of your self-esteem, as you think they might, for once, stay.

You will never get over it.

You will never get over it

It hurts, we know. It hurts real bad and real deep when we wake up one morning and realize that they are not there. The ever-encroaching numbness, as your limbs refuse to move, as your brain freezes over. You just can’t seem to function anymore and all seems to be over. But then they text you one day!

It is a simple “Hey” and you are sucked into it again. You don’t have the strength to say “No” and you don’t have the strength to go up to their faces and tell them to get lost. You are powerless and you are so much in love with them and yet hate them to such a degree that you yourself are conflicted about what to do regarding them. Do you let them in, and let them hurt you once again? Or do you let them leave and yet live in this darkness that you just can’t seem to get rid of? What do you do? Love? Or leave?

They say time heals everything.

They say time heals everything.

But does it really? Doesn’t distance also make the heart grow fonder? With that said, it is tough to forget someone whom you have invested a lot of your time on. You remember everything because they meant everything to you. They were your soul mates, you loved them, and they pretended to love you. But when would you ever realize that they were incredibly toxic to you? When are you going to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, life would be better off without them?

But then comes another fear- how to spend it alone, when every thought is theirs? When every single waking moment of your life is spent on checking their Instagram account, or Facebook page? When you see them moving on and enjoying life with someone else, while you are still stuck in a conundrum?

Well, time may not heal everything, but love most certainly will. And this time, you have to love someone who is insistent on staying and is never leaving you for their selfishness.

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