The Pain Of Being In Love with Someone You Can Never Be With

The Pain Of Being In Love with Someone You Can Never Be With

Those four words may not be that simple as they sound or appear to be. Being in love is a complex emotion. It varies in emotions and intensity. It can either be the most beautiful thing to happen to you or a disaster that you have to deal with.

Love, is an amalgamation of contradictions. That’s what makes it so beautiful. It’s the next best thing to perfection.

Love completes you.

When we think of love, we are reminded of its happy side. Love is seen as something that signals a new beginning.

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But this is the mellow side of love. Not all kind of love is happy in nature. The darker or sadder kind of love is one in which the person involved will never or can never have the person they love.
It is a painful kind of love that shows you its dark ending. In this kind of love, nothing can happen more than what it already is.

Love does not always see fairy tale like happy endings. Where two people live “happily ever after”.

How tragic it may sound, but sometimes you may never have the chance to live with that person who you love with all your soul. A worse situation could be if you continue loving a person knowing that there is no possibility for the two of you to be together.

Love is irrational and at the same time it is not enough to bind two people.

Love does not always align with reason and neither do lovers.

Some people are often not compatible enough to live together. They may dislike certain things about the other person like their habits, beliefs and opinions. However they accept these differences. They love their partners with their quirks and all. However incompatible they may be, they still try to work out things together. They try to get along. And for that they compromise.

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It is natural not to love everything about a person. But if you love a person enough, you can overlook their shortcomings. However, as mentioned earlier, sometimes just love is not enough. Some people may choose not to compromise even if their emotions tell them otherwise.

Along with their compromising nature, two lovers should also learn to forgive and forget.

There may be times when either of the lovers make poor life choices. Similarly, the lovers should also learn to shed the baggage of their past and let it not haunt or burden their present.

Love can leave deep scars. If you hurt your partner, they won’t come back to you. On the other hand, you are afraid to have them back in your life. Because you know that if they do, there is a possibility of you hurting them again.

Your partner won’t risk trusting you again after you have already hurt them once.

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To overcome the grief of this unsuccessful relationship, you may start looking for love again. You may wish the same for your partner. Thinking that it would help both of you to keep your minds off each other. Even if you find a new love, it does not necessarily mean that you would forget your old love. You might continue loving them forever. This is the darker side of love that been talked about.

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