10 Most Common Personality Traits Of A Cheater

10 Most Common Personality Traits Of A Cheater

Being cheated on is one of the most revolting experiences you can put yourself through. At the same time, most cheaters are compulsive ones and cannot help themselves even if they wanted to.

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So, how do you save yourself? How do you save yourself the humiliation, the pain and the betrayal that would probably scar you enough to numb out all feelings? Well: Recognition.

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Recognise the signs and keep a wary distance from such individuals before you fall in their trap. That way, you can’t possibly go wrong; after all, prevention is better than the cure.

1. Lack of respect

Lack of respect

Because they know the days of you two together are numbered. And no one respects a temporary intern, do they? Since they know there is no possible future, they make plans of migration early.

Lack of respect 1

2. Shallowness


They will be with you, just for your looks. They will be blind towards everything else. This is because their thirst is not one for intimacy, it is only carnal. Once that hunger is satisfied, they will move on to fresher pastures, sometimes while keeping you on hold.


3. Elevated self-image

Elevated self-image

They’ll make it clear that they think you aren’t even close to their league. That you should be grateful for them looking at you and calling you by your name. This is pretty common and sad enough people think it’s a normal part of a relationship. Well, it’s definitely not.

Elevated self-image 1

4. They will flirt with other people

They will flirt with other people

It won’t matter to them if you are around or not. They know you are just another conquest for them; who the hell cares about conquests? They will be making preparations for their migration with you around.

They will flirt with other people 1

5. Insecurity


Exists in huge amounts in them, however. This is because they treat you and others like you as products. They must be at their best to lure such products towards them. Hence they are usually really touchy about their self-image.


6. Demanding


Will be their second nature. They will make you feel obligated to pleasure them whenever they want, wherever they want and as many times as they want. They know they are here only for a while, so why not make the most of it.


7. They will be jealous

They will be jealous

All the time, because they know people like you are scarce resources and need to be cordoned off before they can be enjoyed. They will try constantly to cut you off from all society but them.

They will be jealous 1

8. They will lie

They will lie

To keep you in your place: where they want you.

9. They will be conceited

They will be conceited

Always keeping things from you while they ask for your adoration constantly.

10. They will love themselves way too much to ever love you

They will love themselves way too much to ever love you

Isn’t it obvious?

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