A Psychologist Who Has Coached Over One Thousand Couples Reveals The Most Important Factor In A Relationship

A Psychologist Who Has Coached Over One Thousand Couples Reveals The Most Important Factor In A Relationship

When it comes to what makes a relationship work, every couple may have different expectations. What a person deems most important in their personal relationships varies according to their individual personalities. It means that some people might value trust the most, while others would hold communication as the key to happiness.

Loyalty, emotional connection and even physical chemistry. These are important factors in a relationship. They contribute a lot to long last and to be happy. However there is one thing which trumps all these others, if experts are to be believed.

Relationship experts and psychologists, who have seen and helped thousands of couples, have come to the conclusion that the most fundamental necessity of a healthy relationship is Respect. People might still accept a relationship where they are not respected but this would be a lack which will have repercussions in the future.

Respect means having a healthy attitude towards your partner’s’ beliefs and choices.

It involves each individual having a personal space within the relationship. There, they can exercise their individuality without the fear of being judged or rejected. For this, trust too is very important as there can be no respect if there is no trust. For the personal space of one partner the other partner needs to trust them and their views. Without these two, no healthy relationship can form.

It might seem functional, but the partner who is not respected will continuously feel that lack and it will affect their experiences in the relationship.

In the long term, it will also lead them to doubting themselves and their worth. Everybody deserves to be respected for who they are; most of all by their partners. If you think that you are compromising on this aspect, it is time that you have a talk with your better half.

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