The Sad Truth of Being in Love with Someone Who You Have No Future with

The Sad Truth of Being in Love with Someone Who You Have No Future with

Falling in love is the most exquisite and amazing feeling that one can experience in his or her life. It is one of the most wonderful emotions in the world. We experience palpitation, a kind of ‘butterfly in my stomach’ sensation whenever we get to see our beloved in front of our eyes. It makes us smile all of a suddenly for no reason at all.

Love is such an emotion that encourages us, makes us dream bigger, gives us faith that we can achieve the impossible if we want to, gives us patience and energy to roam around the whole world and explore new things.

To quote the Beatles, “All you need is love.

But is that the only thing that we need? Don’t we need compatibility, understanding and a bit of good-timing to be happily in a relationship? Then what about those two people who are completely in different situations. Imagine their condition when both have completely different limitations and expectations.

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They are immensely in love with each other but they belong to separate countries, they have completely different jobs to work on. Then their relationship does not make any sense at all. Moreover, the fact that they have met and fell in love becomes meaningless. A popular proverb is that love conquers all. But is that true?

Love cannot always conquer all.

Perhaps if the unfortunate lovers had met in a different universe, it would be easier for them to work out their relationship, they would be happy with each other. But the saddest part is that timing in a relationship does work and if we meet a person at a wrong time then the relationship will not work out at all. We dream about working out the relationship, we fantasize about a future with that person. But alas! All in vain.

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To what extent do we have to go to make this relationship work? Do we have to cross oceans or move mountains, do everything that is impossible? Will then things be different after a certain point of time? Will we still feel the same about having a future with one another? Do these relationships ultimately fall at place? Or they end up in heartbreak and disappointment?

That is life friends!

Even if we meet our soulmate at a wrong time in our life, we cannot end up together. The films, the novels have made us look at love as something divine, happy, beautiful and always easy. But love has a darker side as well; a somber side where two people are in love with each other for their entire life but ultimately do not get a chance to spend it together.

However, that does not stop us from loving. There might be heartbreaks, disappointments, emotional voids. But love is what keeps us alive at the end of the day. We still love. Because love conquers reason, rationality and sensibility because love is irrational, love is madness.

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