The Seven-Decade Love Story That Could Make Anyone Believe in True Love

The Seven-Decade Love Story That Could Make Anyone Believe in True Love

We often see tweets and posts on various social networking platforms that talk about how we live in an age of hookups and one night stands. It automatically means that it is a hard time for love to blossom in its complete glory. Now, there is nothing wrong with hookups and all that jazz, but can anything really replicate the feeling that love gives us?

Many psychologists have the opinion for a relationship to actually work, you need to be extremely compatible and understanding about each other. Being in love is one major aspect, but along with love you also need individual harmony with each other.

Well, if you have been feeling a little jaded about love, let me tell you of a seven-decade love story so magical that it will renew your faith in love.

Couple Who Served in WWII Together
Isabell and Preble Staver met on a blind date more than 70 years ago, and they died together last month.
Courtesy: Laurie Staver Clinton

Preble Staver was born on October 17, 1921, and Isabell Whitney on October 31. After each other met on a seemingly random blind date in Philadelphia and realised that they were meant to be together. But the journey was not the easiest one. After having been together for a while, The USA decided to take part in the WW2 and both Preble and Whitney wanted to their bit.

Preble was a marine with honours for his contributions and Whitney was a nurse in the Maryland unit. You would think that that much time apart would have some effect on them but it was nothing. They got married as soon as the war was over.

Together, they had five children and lived a full life.

They had different personalities but they harmonised like a perfect symphony. Even when the tragedy of losing their son Peter ηιτ them, they made sure they were there for each other and came out even stronger than they were earlier. Their daughter Laurie says that she saw both of them taking care of each other even more diligently post this tragedy.

Even when Isabell developed dementia, her husband found ways to tell her that he loved her. He would wheelchair himself to her room, hold her hand and then they would say that they loved each other and sit that way for a long time. Laurie tells us that her dad expressed his desire to take one last nap with her during the last hours of their lives. She says how beautiful it was to see them both just hold each other and fall asleep, calmly. They did not even need to share any words, all they had to do was hold each other’s hands and fall asleep in the warmth of their love.

It was in October 2017 that Isabell breathed her last breath and so did Preble, fifteen hours after her death.

Couple Who Served in WWII Together - 2

Their marriage was for 71 years, sharing love, fights, groceries, children, and their lives together. They loved each other fiercely and proved to us that no commitment is hard if one really finds it in themselves to commit.

Love is a beautiful thing and even though it is difficult sometimes, couples like Preble and Isabell will always exist to show us how worth it all the pain is.

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