10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Finding love was always tough; it is more challenging now however because of our extremely stressful lives and the lack of personal space we have thanks to an ever-shrinking world of social media. However if we are to believe people, people fall in love every day. So how hard can it be to be honest?

Here we have tried to enlist 10 signs that more or less guarantee a lasting loving relationship between two individuals.

1. A compatibly healthy lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle

Being in a relationship means essentially letting someone in on your personal space which itself is very little and precariously encroached upon by the world. However love definitely honeys the deal. If both parties have a compatible perspective of the world and a more or less compromising nature, love will definitely triumph over ego and hurt. Stay together and stay healthy.

2. Belief in each other

Belief in each other

Individuals in love should remember one thing: no building or edifice can stand without a foundation. The foundation of love and any romantic relationship is trust in each other and making sure to not break or betray that trust. Trust is a precious resource. It takes years to build but only minutes to lose.

3. Feeling free to ask for assistance

Feeling free to ask for assistance

If you truly love someone they will make you a better person; a more able human being who is better at their calling. The only thing that you have to do is swallow your pride and ask for their guidance or help whenever you need it. It is always good to have an extra heart caring for you.

4. Having fun together

Having fun together

Intellectual debates in a relationship are always a plus, agreed. Sparring with your individual ideologies and learning new things from each other is always healthy. But so is getting down to party! Partying together or just hanging out and doing something fun together can bring you far closer than ever.

5. Encourage your better half

Encourage your better half

Try and cheer them up if they are feeling down. Nothing works better than a hug or an unexpected kiss on the cheek. Talk to them about what is bothering them and give them space to recuperate from whatever is troubling them.

6. Division of labour

Division of labour

Divide responsibilities sensibly and equally. This includes economic matter and expenditures around the household.

7. Be yourself around them

Be yourself around them

Let them get acquainted with the you that you find in the mirror every morning. Speak to them like you would speak to yourself; of course this would happen only with immense trust.

8. Hug


The dopamine rush on being hugged or being cuddled with by the person you love is indescribable.

9. If it can be repaired, repair it.

If it can be repaired, repair it.

Don’t throw it away at the first sign of trouble. This is the trouble with the world today; people fail to appreciate the value of effort that can be put it. Remember, the more sugar you put, the sweeter it is.

10. Do things that are shared interests

Do things that are shared interests

Talk about books, movies and other things that represent a common ground every now and then. This makes the intimacy even more beautiful.

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