Small Habits That Make Us Fall in Love!

Small Habits That Make Us Fall in Love!

You have cooked countless of times. You have forgotten how many times your hands have touched your hair. How many times you have fixed your glasses on your nose while you speak is pointless counting. Again and again, you do all these moves that are so… you! All these small habits, your daily mannerisms.

But if you change your perspective a bit? See for example when love enters your life. This other mystical creature that came and landed in your life. This creature does what it does magically. All the everyday things are adorned with charm. It’s the first time that routine stuff become so interesting. You choose your seat and you are well off like a nice spectator. Ready to captivate every single move, ready to get excited by everything you see.


One of those impressive yet charming spectacles is generally agreed to be cooking. When you do this alone after work, it can be the worst chore ever. You could even eat all materials raw as they are without cooking them. Who has enough patience to cut the lettuce up when they can eat it as it is?

But all this becomes sexy and sweet when the love of your life without which you cannot live without does it all for you. While you are sitting on the table on the opposite side of the kitchen room, there you start. You go cutting up the peppers in pieces, you stir the chicken chunks and you let spaghetti boil, ready to prepare a mouth watering recipe. And a suitable accompanying music… so that her hips can move slowly to the rhythm. After all, she is the one who feeds you and keeps you in life. This per se is worth your respect.

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Reading, writing, working on the computer!

Another impressive thing is reading. Reading, writing, working on the computer. Even the revision of the vocabulary for the Japanese language lesson the next day. Tasks that when you have to complete on your own, you are full of complaint and stress until finished. If somebody else does it though, you sit alone by the side with your headphones on, waiting for them to finish silently so that you can reward them in the end with hugs and kisses.

You stare at him indifferently until the view takes your mind away. In your mind, his unique characteristics are imprinted: his facial expressions when he is concentrating, you follow his fingers above the keyboard while he is writing, you watch him while he is reading something he likes and you are happy with this; Then the rhythm in your head becomes one with the rhythm of his hands when he is typing on the computer.

Getting prepared for going out!

An unexpected charm is contained in the procedure of getting prepared for going out as well. Boys like to check out the girls when they make up, brush their hair, walk on their new shoes. They follow them through the rooms making exclamations, commenting, asking questions and daring to say out loud – without any fear for their lives – their opinion.

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Girls like to check out the boys when the shirt that they are wearing fits well on their shoulders. Especially when this pair of jeans fits well on their ass and when they have taken care of their hair. Besides everything, you still like it even when you complain about the endless hours of preparations.


I left the last part for surprise. Driving. Sexy (again), it does breath out autonomy, determination, control and an implication that you can go wherever you like. Never again did driving have so many characteristics. Up to the mini market to grab some cigaretters and ice cream and you have all the above mentioned dynamics.

It’s nice to move around with good company. It’s nice to watch someone drive. To hear them hum some abstract lyrics, watch their hair fly from the wind, have their smell brought to your nostrils. To put your hand on his thighs and feel him react to your unexpected touch; hold his hand and shift gears together. This is how new technologies and automations in cars can kill romance!

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It’s funny how things like these can grab our interest some times. Unimportant, indifferent, neutral things can be the object of some unexpected interest and fun. They are the things that we are finally pleased to see. Those are the things that after all, I love watching you do.


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