The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine The Colour Of Your Energy

The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine The Colour Of Your Energy

Everything that is perceived by human eye is subjective. Different people have different opinion about what they see but the true beauty is actually possessed by the one who sees the good. The phenomenon happens inside the beholder while the outside remains constant.

We have been given a gift of vision that allows us to feel something so marvelous that it cannot be described in words. Vision defines the experience of your life. What you see is what you live.

We cannot even imagine a world without colors because of this blessing.

Humans are one of the few living organisms who have the capability to differentiate between colors. We can see color as it is; we witness the magical creations of nature.

If you are wondering what makes the ability to see colors so special then just go ahead and try to describe what you in front of you without colors; anything, an apple, scenery or the view outside your window. Without the concept of colors, the world would be blank and pointless.

It is not only about describing what you see to someone without the knowledge of colors, but about having appreciation for what’s outside. A person with no appreciation or perception for art, scenery or what she sees is hardly alive.

If we talk about a random expression from a story such as “A lady wearing red dress dances with a man in black suit in a ball under the red light.

Observe how the word ‘red’ tells you about the romantic nature of the event and you just can notice the importance of their presence.

Apart from the notion of colors, there is another thing that contributes in what we think or feel about something, it’s the energy that is radiates.

Now this energy is unique to every object or living thing that exists in the universe. The uniqueness of the energy lies in the frequency at which the energy is radiated. This energy plays a major role in giving us the perception of what or who we come across.

No matter how much we deny it to ourselves but when we meet someone for the first time, either of the two things happen: we connect so well that it’s hard to believe that it was a first, or we end up hating them without even knowing the whole story. All of this has to do with the wavelength of energy that everyone carries. If you find someone with a comparable frequency of energy that they are emitting, you will be amazed how much common there is to talk about and there would be an unknown inclination developing inside you towards them. On the other hand, with someone who carries negative energies can be awfully annoying just by default.

So take the following test to know what color your aura shines with.


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