The 10 Zodiac Signs That Make Horrible Couples If Paired Together

The 10 Zodiac Signs That Make Horrible Couples If Paired Together

10. Taurus and Aquarius (Venus and Uranus)

The two signs find it difficult to communicate with each other because they are ruled by different planets. Aquarius would like to resist confrontation while a Taurus will always go head to head on every little thing which just results in quarrelling.

9. Gemini and Cancer (The Mutable and the Cardinal)

Mercury and the Moon govern Gemini and Cancer who thus become polar opposites.Both are destined to take different paths because they do not want the same things in life, and when thrown together are prone to irritability and frustration.

8. Sagittarius and Capricorn (The Goat and the Archer)

There is no spark between these two and if they are by chance set up with each other, it will be a disastrous affair. They do not view each other as sexually attractive and having to spend time together only makes them tense and unhappy.

7. Virgo and Gemini (The Virgin and the Twins)

Virgos look forward to peace but Gemini are loud and raucous. They can’t find anything that both like so they tend to get easily bored when they are together.

6. Pisces and Leo (The Fish and the Lion)

Represented by water and fire, they will almost kill each other. The closer they get, the further apart their minds and hearts are. Leo is an attention seeker but Pisces is a little too narcissistic to give out that kind of care.

5. Gemini and Scorpio (The Twins and the Scorpion)

When they first get together, there will be passion and electricity but this is only temporary. Soon their extroverted lifestyles get the better of them and they end up drawing away from each other.

4. Aquarius and Cancer (The Water Bearer and the Crab)

Once a crab gets its claws onto something, it never lets go and Cancers are exactly the same way which does not bode well if they are with a free-spirited Aquarius. The latter is looking for freedom while the former is looking for security.

3. Libra and Pisces (The Scales and the Fish)

Initially things will be great but the real world will soon catch up to them. Both of them ignore their issues till they get too big to handle which will in itself destroy their relationship.

2. Leo and Taurus (Fire and Earth)

They have nothing in common and will not be able to fulfill each other’s expectations. The pressure of their relationship will only be a burden on them. Both signs are very proud and neither will take the high road in any argument.

1. Aries and Cancer (The Ram and the Crab)

While they get along well when they work, they are terrible in a relationship. Aries loves to explore and travel but Cancer likes to settle down and relax. They think on very different lines so they find it very hard to agree on anything.

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